How To Have A Safe Food Kitchen

There are things that people can do to keep their kitchen food friendly. The more people care for their foods, the better off they are. Here are the tips that many have found to be very useful and reduce the risks of individuals getting sick from the food that they have on hand. these are some good tips for people looking to get their food handler permit as well.

The first thing is to look at what temperature the refrigerator is set on. A person does not want this to be too cold. This can freeze things. However, they want the temperature of the refrigerator to be cold enough. It is suggested that it be kept at forty degrees Fahrenheit. The other thing about the refrigerator is that once people open things, they might save things if they do not use it all. However, they have to know how old it is. Putting dates on things can help with this. They say that if they do not know how old it is, then they should go to throw it away.

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Some people need to look at how often they change out their dish towels and their wash rags. If they do not do this often enough, they can find that this can be very dangerous. The thing about this is that bacteria can thrive on here and if they do not wash them, they could become contaminated. For the same reason, cutting boards and counters need to be washed regularly as well and with warm water and bleach if possible.

When people cook in their own kitchen, they need to be sure that they cook things all the way through. These are things that some people do not do. They like their burgers rare, but this could be something that could have bacteria in it and all. This could be very harmful.

Another thing that people need to do when in their own kitchen is making sure that they put things in the proper place. They need to be sure that things that have dairy product in them are put in the refrigerator. There are some things that on the packages they tell a person that once it has been opened, they then need to be sure they refrigerate it. There is a reason. If they are not sure, then reading the package can assist with directing them as to if they do or do not need to refrigerate them. These are some of the things that people out there are not doing and can cause big problems for them and their family.

Easy Tips To Boost Your Barbecue Food

Do you love the taste of authentic grilled food? Barbecue is one of the best family traditions around, and it’s a great opportunity to show off your culinary skill. You don’t have to be an expert in order to reach barbecue perfection but it certainly helps when you have a bit of experience. When everything comes together perfectly, it results in a wonderful combination of good fun and delightful food. Here are some easy tips you can follow to make sure that your next barbecue experience is a memorable one.

Clean your equipment – it all starts with the equipment you use and you should make sure to have a solid gas or charcoal grill. But buying yourself the perfect grill is just the first step, and you’re going to need to maintain it in order to get good food each and every time. Try to clean your barbecue after each cooking session so that you don’t have to worry about caked-on grease building up in between your barbecue meals. Don’t forget about making sure that your utensils and tools are sparkling clean as well.

Plan ahead – your barbecue can be as simple or complex as you like, but it’s always a good idea to make sure that you are prepared. That means knowing what you are going to cook and having a few backup items just in case. It’s always a good idea to incorporate one or two new dishes so that you can continually expand your overall menu. As long as you are organized, you’ll be able to handle any challenge that will come your way.

Only use fresh ingredients – stay away from frozen foods that are supposed to make barbecue more convenient. They might speed up the cooking process but they dramatically reduce the amount of taste and flavor. Only use fresh ingredients and quality cuts of meat that you buy the day of the barbecue. Remember, just because something might make the process easier doesn’t mean it will increase the overall enjoyment of the meal.

Make your own sauce – you might not know it now, but making BBQ sauce is actually quite easy. If you can heat up a can of soup, the basic mechanics are the same. All you need are your ingredients in one place and about half an hour to cook them up. Making your own sauce gives you a chance to stamp your food with your own personal signature. It can be a lot tastier than using generic barbecue sauce that you buy in a bottle from your local grocery store.

Side dishes – off course big juicy steaks, chicken burgers, and chicken wings are important to traditional barbecue. But no meal would be complete without favorites such as coleslaw, potato salad, or a nice fresh garden salad. Make sure that you have a wide array of side dishes to balance out heavier items on the menu. There are plenty of side dishes that can be prepared by other members of the family so that your barbecue becomes a family event.

Make it healthy – you don’t necessarily have to feature meat at your next barbecue meal. Modern gas grills have a tremendous amount of finesse which means you have full control over temperature. Using different settings, you can master the art of cooking vegetables that will taste better than anything you’ve had before. Don’t be afraid to include a bit of variety that boosts the health sector of barbecue which has traditionally been associated with unhealthy eating.

Create A Healthy Life Style For Your Family

My family is an essential part of my life, and I would certainly like to do anything for their safety and health. Cooking is one thing that will help me in ensuring their health. I love cooking and preparing festive healthy dishes for my loved ones as it will give me a chance to take care of them. My husband loves beef dishes especially steaks, steak diane is his all time favorite dish. On the other hand, my kids love dishes made from chicken, and chicken kiev is the favorite dish of my elder son. I try to make all kinds of dishes that my family likes, but I also try to create a menu that will help my children to avoid unhealthy junk food and have delicious, healthy food. Healthy food provides necessary nutrients, which helps in reducing the risk of various diseases like strokes, different cancers, diabetes and heart diseases.

I use plenty of different vegetable and fruits as they provide a lot of different minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that help my family to fight illness and to stay strong and healthy. I mostly try to use raw vegetables, and sometimes I blanch them in order to store their nutritional value as over cooking will lose them. Blanched vegetables are liked my kids as they become soft and colorful. I try to give fruits after every meal to my family members. Fish and lean meats are also essential part of our diet. Lean meat in excessive quantity can be harmful for our health, so I try to balance it by adding fish in my meals as they are low in fat and have less cholesterol. They also have fatty acids that are beneficial for our body and mind.

It is also necessary to control our fatty foods, so I use olive oil instead of butter and balsamic vinegar as a substitute to salad dressing. Fizzy drinks, soda, juices, tea and coffee, if taken in large quantity are also harmful for our health. I loved having tea twice or thrice a day, but now I take tea once a day, and for the rest of the day, I have switched to green tea instead of ordinary tea. I am trying to create a healthy lifestyle for my family by balancing their favorite dishes with the healthy ones.

The Vitamin Packed Baked Potato Tastes Great

The world always looks like a better place when you are eating a baked potato.  And why wouldn’t it, after all the potato contains life giving substances that keep us alive and operating at peak levels.

For example the spud contains lots and lots of B and C vitamins.  But more importantly are the large quantities of magnesium, potassium and fiber contained in the potato.  Potassium in particular offers our body a regular heartbeat and the necessary enzymes that contribute to the conversion of glucose to energy.

So go ahead and feel good about eating a baked potato.  Your body is going to thank you for it.

There is much more to the potato then just the excellent nutritional values that it brings along with it.  There is the great taste that attracts most people and the fact that it is a food that is really filling yet relatively inexpensive.

The absolute best potato for baking is the Russet Burbank.  The Russet is the most common potato that is found in just about all grocery stores.  It is brown in color and contains 80% water and 20% solid.  You can normally find it packaged in 5 and 10 pound bags.

What makes the Russet perfect for baking is that once it is cooked it is fluffy on the inside and the outer skin is light, flaky, and golden brown.

Any decent baked potato recipe will have some equally decent toppings.  Everything from sour cream to BBQ sauce will do just fine to make the spud tasty.

The potato is the most eaten vegetable in the world.  It is consumed at the rate of 120 pounds a year by every man, women, and child in the USA.  The only food product that is consumed more of in the USA is milk.

The baked potato makes an excellent side dish for just about any main course that you will be serving.

An Easy Way To Make Meatballs And Various Fish Recipes

Meatballs form a delicious snack that can fit into most menus. It can be an excellent tea time snack or a starter at lunch or dinner. It can also be a part of the main course with a helping of rice or pasta. Meatballs can also be cooked into a curry and served as a side dish with rice or as a delicious sauce with pasta. Meatballs are a divine accompaniment to wine as well.

The question then is how to make meatballs. With the ingredients in hand, it is easy and takes little time. Meatballs can be made with beef, lamb, pork, turkey or chicken. The meat should be minced. Chop onion, ginger and garlic into fine pieces. Mix them with the minced meat and add herbs, salt and freshly ground black pepper to it. Add bread crumbs and a beaten egg into it with a spoon or two of olive oil. Knead it into a mixture and shape it into small balls with your hand. Now heat oil in the pan, and fry the meatballs till heat seeps it and they are cooked. You can have them just fried or make a sauce of your choice to go with it. It can be tomato basil sauce or creamy cheese sauce or any other pasta sauce. Take a baking tray, place to meatballs, spread the sauce over it and grill it for sometime till the sauce melts the balls and makes it a mouth-watering delight.

Fish recipes are abundant in every culture. You can choose from a wide variety of fish, white fish, cod, haddock, salmon, river cobbler, and other sea fish or from a wide variety of Indian fishes like rohu, bhetki or hilsa. Fish can be cooked into a curry; Indian and Thai fish curries are delicious. It can be baked or grilled. It can be made into a filling for a sandwich or pie or patties. Fishcakes and fried fish are also very popular just as sea-food soup is. Fish is one food which can be cooked in a huge many ways with a different taste or flavor for each. It can be served with a sauce of your choice, rice or pasta depending on the preparation.

Perk Up A Boring Salad

Are you committed to eating healthier, but getting tired of the same old leafy green salads?  Here are some tips and tricks to perk up your same old salad and give your taste-buds a wake-up call.

Most salads are based on some sort of green leaf, a few other vegetables and some dressing.  By adding fruits, dairy products or protein you can make your salad into an entire meal, and add texture and taste.  Berries of all kinds are a great addition to traditional salads as they provide color, more nutrients, an interesting flavor and a little sweetness without adding sugar.  Try strawberries with spinach leaves, raspberries with romaine, and blueberries with a romaine, arugula and watercress mixture.

Dairy products can be introduced into your salad in the form of cubed or grated low-fat cheese, or by using yogurt dressings. Yogurt is a good replacement for higher fat sour cream or mayonnaise, and adds an interesting tangy flavor to dressings.  Yogurt contains calcium and healthy bacteria to help your digestive system work better.  You can use a pinch of curry or chili powder and a tsp of lime juice to make a dressing with a bite to it.  If you like garlic, try adding 1 tsp of crushed garlic and 1 tbsp of fresh basil leaves to a cup of plain non fat yogurt for a delicious creamy Italian style salad dressing.

Adding lean protein can elevate a salad from a side dish to an entree. Shredded pork, beef,grilled fish or chicken are all excellent choices, and a good way to use up leftover meats from barbecues or dinners earlier in the week.  Be sure to cook the meat well prior to adding it to your salad, and to either shred it or slice it very thinly.  Don’t be afraid to experiment; often salad entrees that include chicken can easily be made with grilled pork or fish instead.  For an unusual dish that is healthy, low-fat and kid friendly, try a chicken grape salad recipe.  Grapes are wonderful fruits for salads with protein as their flavor melds well with cooked chicken or grilled salmon. Protein can also be added by including nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, pecans, and almonds.  Try some toasted flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, or poppy seeds as  a garnish.  One of the fastest ways to add interest to a salad is to add a tablespoon of trail mix – the dried fruit, nuts and seeds add taste interest and texture.

So look through your fridge and cupboards for additions to your salads.  Soon you will be creating your own great healthy salad recipes!