Is There Any Point In Getting Double Neck Guitars?

Twin neck guitars, or double neck guitars, which is another way to call them, have acquired quite a popularity in US, mostly thanks to the guitarist Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. They are a subset of a more wide group called multi neck guitars. Of course, it is very rare to see guitars that have more than a double set of necks, although the models with three and even five necks do exist – they are to be considered mutants of guitar instruments, though.

These double neck guitars sure look nice and impressive, especially if you are a serious rock music fan. It is a very tempting image to have yourself rocking some hard rock on a twin neck in front of awe-struck crowd, but maybe you should think about the functional qualities of these instruments, too, and you might discover that those guitars are not very suitable to you.

See, the twin neck guitars are very heavy. They weigh at least 4 pounds more than normal electric guitars, and that means approximately 12 pounds. Can you carry this much on your roads is the question (of course double neck acoustic guitars are less unwieldy). You’d be better off carrying a bass guitar, a Taylor 814ce and a Gibson Les Paul, then rely on your double neck to act as a substitute for all.

Most professional guitarists would definitely agree, and even those who actually own these guitars admit that twin neck guitars are not very good for the role of lead instruments. If you do have a song that just cannot be played without an instrument that allows to quickly switch between two styles of instruments, for example a 12-string and a 6-string, then a double neck guitar is for you, but in other cases just buy a normal guitar and gather a band that performs the other roles for you.

Tips For Finding Good, Cheap Guitars For Sale

I was eleven years old when I decided to learn how to play the guitar.  My mom had a beat up old acoustic guitar that she never played, and I used to drag it out of the hall closet and try to make something approximating a musical note come out of the thing.  I remember the early years as being very frustrating and a little bit painful as well, but I persevered to reach some semblance of proficiency after a few years of intermittent practice.

The key to the process was finally finding a decent guitar that I could play without becoming overly frustrated.  There were plenty of cheap guitars for sale – unfortunately not many of them were cheap enough for my financial situation.

Over the years I became somewhat of a cheap guitar connoisseur, and have formed a list of inviolable cheap guitar laws:

  • Never buy a guitar you haven’t played.  Cheap guitars have very wide manufacturing tolerances, which means that some guitars made by the same company are great while others are awful.  The only way to tell the difference is to play it for yourself.
  • Get comfortable guitar straps.  This may sound trivial, but your practice sessions will end prematurely if your strap is digging into your shoulder while you’re trying to learn a difficult solo.
  • Check for dead spots.  These are areas on the guitar neck where certain strings don’t make a solid note no matter what you do.  These are more annoying than fingernails on a chalkboard, so don’t buy a guitar with dead spots.  Again, you have to play it to find out if it has any dead spots.
  • If you’re getting a cheap electric guitar, make sure you listen to it through your amp and/or processor.  Every guitar and amplifier pairing creates a slightly different sound, so you need to be happy with what you’re getting.

Buying A Kid’s Guitar For Your Beloved Child

If you are shopping with the intent on buying a kids guitar make sure you read this article now. In this article, you are going to learn the best rules for getting the perfect guitar for your kid.

You should also do some research on the Internet. Along the way you will spot some very cheap guitars as well as related accessories like the cheap guitar amps that you need for electric guitars.

First of all, you need to set aside some money for your kid’s first guitar. Maybe it’s a couple hundred dollars, or even a thousand dollars. The amount does not matter here, but you should try your best to get the best guitar that your kid can learn to play the music effectively. This is what this article is all about.

You can even consider getting a used guitar, for that matter. eBay has thousands of used guitars for sale. Some of these guitars are wrecked, but if you look hard enough you will spot some that are still in great, like-new, pristine condition. Buying these guitars that are still in tip-top condition will give you the best bang for buck you are looking for.

You can even try going to the local music store. Sometimes they have great prices especially during stock clearance. You can try talking the price down to an affordable level. The after sales service is much better than the companies who sell the guitars online. This is because you can walk into the shop and they will look at your defective guitar and tell you the problem.

Next, you need to consider the size of your kid. How old is your son or daughter? How about his or her height? If your kid is still growing, you can of course get a bigger sized guitar. It is important to get a right sized guitar to prevent problems like ineffective learning.

Buying a guitar for your kid is not difficult at all. It becomes even easier when you have an advisor that tells you what to do and how to choose a guitar. Such advisor can be found in a friend who’s played the guitar his whole life, or even the shop owner.