Wearing Trendy Boyfriend Jackets – Some Fashion Tips

Boyfriend jackets make a come-back it seems almost every year and it’s no wonder — these jackets are simple yet completely stylish. So if you have finally caught on to the trend of boyfriend jackets for women, you are probably wondering which kind of jacket will look right for you. Well boyfriend jackets follow by the same rules that all over clothing follow. Here are some tips for choosing and wearing a jacket.

Don’t let the name of the jacket fool you. The word boyfriend makes it sound like it will be a baggy jacket, but the term actually means flattering fit that focuses on a woman’s form all while maintaining comfort. So instead of sifting through his closet for comfy clothes, now you can wear your own trendy and comfortable jacket.

They actually come in a variety of different designs, especially colors though they usually tend to be dark or just straight white. Before choosing a jacket, you need to be familiar with lengths and colors that emphasize your good features and while hiding unfavorable ones. With that said, most of them stop just below the waist but there are some for women that stop a few inches above the knee.

There are a couple of differences between these two types of jackets and one of them is length. The “younger” jackets have shoulders that a straight edge that women’s jackets don’t have. They are also normally meant to close in the front as the younger version of the jacket can be left wide open.

When matching these types of jackets with other your other clothing, they both look good with a sleek top, like a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. A nice pair of slacks also look good with these jackets too. This look can be worn anywhere; from a dinner date to a basketball game.

Prepare for the Rain with Waterproof Coats

We should be prepared to enjoy any weather condition no matter if it is rain, snow or sunshine. It is such a revitalizing feeling when we can comfortably walk in the rain not to fear of catching a nasty cold because we got soaked by the sudden downpour; no matter the amount of the downpour, the rain should not stop us from going outside. Even though the weather can be generally predicted, we can never be so sure when we deal with Mother Nature. We do not want to be caught by the rain (surprised) without having a really good waterproof coat. They should not also protect us from the rain; they should keep us warm as well.

Waterproof coats do not only mean plastic. The truth is that most of the manufacturers use the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material for their waterproof coats but still there are a lot of other options if you are eco aware and would prefer to be environment friendly. At last, the material of which our coat is made is a lot more important than its style and there are a lot of non toxic options we can find on the market. Some manufacturers use polyurethane to make their coats and this material is certified to be nontoxic. Some coats are made of nikwax analogy fabric which is a two-component fabric where the outer layer slows down the rain and the other layer called the pump layer pushes away the water not allowing it to reach the inside of your coat and keeps you dry. This fabric does the same with vapor so it is breathable to great extent.

We can also choose the option to waterproof our coat with a waterproof spray usually containing scotch guard. It is very easy to use and we can be sure that it works; it just needs to be reproof in approximately a year. In some extreme weather conditions we would need heavier coat and many layers clothing. For maximum protection it is best to also use waterproof trousers to protect our legs as well.