Brands To Trust When Buying Large Plastic Storage Boxes

For all your storage problems, large plastic storage boxes are the quickest, easiest, and most effective solutions. There are many uses for large plastic storage boxes. If you are a sports buff, then you can store your equipment, if any, in large plastic storage boxes. You can also use large plastic storage boxes to keep clothes that are out of season, especially if you live in a place of extreme weather. Another possible purpose for large storage boxes is for seasonal decorative items, such as Christmas lights and other decorative pieces.

However, you cannot just by large plastic storage boxes without any thought. Just like with cardboard storage boxes, you need to purchase large plastic storage boxes for your home that are of superior quality. Here are some trusted brands that you can consider for your home.

U.S. Plastics is a brand that ensures you durability with their plastic products. If you buy large plastic storage boxes from U.S. Plastics, you are definitely guaranteed a product that will remain intact for a long period of time. You can use U.S. Plastics storage boxes to store even heavy items such as textbooks for college students, or weights for athletes. U.S. Plastics also offer you a wide variety of different kinds of storage items in order to suit your unique needs. For example, they have boxes made of corrugated plastic if you need the contents of the box to stay in place. They also have extra deep pans if you need to stack a lot of things inside.

Rubbermaid is another trusted brand for large plastic storage boxes. One specialty that Rubbermaid has is their ActionPacker® series. If you are the kind of person who loves to go outdoors for camping, hunting, and hiking trips, then you will need a durable and secure place to store all of the stuff you will need. Rubbermaid’s ActionPacker plastic storage boxes have latches that you can use to lock the box, and it also comes with a bungee cord so that you can tie it down onto your vehicle to keep it in place on bumpy rides.

Plastic Storage Boxes – Gear Organization


Stack-On BIN-6 Parts Storage Organizer Bins, 6 Pack, Red

Getting organized can seem like a daunting task to individuals with little time on their hands. Most people are very busy with jobs and home life, and extra time is hard to come by. Organizing your things may not be a priority to you. It definitely wasn’t for me until recently. I work two jobs and my wife and kids occupy almost all of my free time, not to mention my many hobbies. I just didn’t have time to deal with the closets full of junk and the basement and garage full of clutter. I decided to get organized because I was tired of being frustrated by the constant messes day after day. There is something to be said of stress levels and frustration that are associated with a cluttered home, and well, a cluttered life.

Constant Battle With Clutter

Before I decided to get organized, I had gear strewn all throughout my house. Every closet had random items. My basement and garage were littered with gear. My wife finally told me one day, “If you don’t clean up this junk and organize it, I’m gonna start chucking it.” Now, before anyone judges her for wanting to throw away my ‘treasured gear’ (not junk), I will say it was pretty scattered. I had fishing equipment in the guest bedroom closet, as well as random camping gear. I needed to get organized, and fast.

I did an online search for ‘gear organization’ and got some ideas for arranging my gear. I found different shelving ideas for garages and storage rooms. Some had shelving suspended from above the garage door, which I might explore more in the future. I found a lot of different storage choices, like shelving and storage bins. I thought that shelving in my garage would go a long way to organize my tools and other items out there. I found some heavy duty large plastic storage boxes that I thought would be perfect for organizing all my gear in my home. Let’s start with the plastic storage bins.

Organization With Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic storage bins have a few characteristics that make them an ideal choice for organizing and categorizing your things. They

  • are stackable
  • have removable lids
  • have sturdy plastic construction
  • come in many sizes and shapes
  • come in different color options

Sterilite 66-Quart See-Through Storage Box with Latching Lid, Set of 4

The fact that these plastic storage boxes are stackable makes them a great space saver. Shelving units can be utilized to stack heavy duty plastic storage bins at higher levels, and the sturdy construction prevents collapse even under heavy weights. Plastic storage bins with lids are useful, in that the lids are usually removable.  This allows greater access to the box, as well as an additional space saver (the extra storage boxes can be stacked within each other).

These bins can be found in many shapes and sizes. Large plastic storage bins are nice, because they allow over-sized and bulky items to be stored neatly out of the way. Smaller boxes are convenient when taking advantage of smaller storage areas. These bins also come in many colors. Different colors allow you to organize your belongings into different categories. These categories can be color coded to save time when locating a specific item. Clear plastic storage bins allow you to see what has been stored inside, also reducing time when looking for something. This also reduces clutter, allowing you to locate the exact box with the item without pulling out multiple boxes.

Color Coded Plastic Storage Bins

Sterilite 19378606 50-Quart Shelf Tote Clear Base with Driftwood Lid and Platinum Latches, 6-Pack

I started at Home Depot. They have several different plastic storage boxes with lids to choose from. I went with a few clear plastic storage boxes, so I could see some of the gear that was inside. I ended up getting different colors, which would help me organize my gear as follows:

  • Clear – Smaller random survival items (extra fire starters, flares, knives, etc.)
  • Red – First aid kits and extra supplies
  • Green – Survival kits and camo (bug out bags, spare car kits)
  • Black – Tactical gear (tactical vests, MOLLE pouches, and knives)
  • White – Camping and outdoor gear

While the colors separate gear out by category, each plastic storage bin is labeled with its contents. I went with the same brand so that they could all be stacked well in my garage. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly throughout the boxes, or getting to a box closer to the ground could be difficult. The boxes I purchased were a good deal. Cheap plastic boxes can be found at Wal-mart, K-mart, ShopKo, Lowes and Home Depot. Shop around and find the best price and size to suit your gear organization needs.

Get Organized Today!

The benefits of organizing your homes are worth the time spent. What I have seen since storing all of our things in these plastic storage bins has be a huge reduction in household clutter. When messes do happen, it is really easy to just throw everything back in its bin and stow the bin away. The time we have saved since bringing order to our home has allowed us to spend more time doing what we love to do, with those that we love to spend time with. Being able to come home from work to a clean, organized house sure beats coming home to a cluttered house any day! If you find yourself in a never ending battle with household clutter, do some research on the different options out there, and try some out today!

Hopefully, these tips will help you to organize your lives. What have you done to de-clutter your home? What storage options do you like? What tips do you have? Please add your comments and answers to these questions below. Thanks!

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