Living Through The End Of Days

Have you been wondering about all the storange things that have been going on all over the world these past few months? All sorts of natural calamities are happening on all parts of the world. There was the earthquake that devastated Haiti and Chile, now there’s the flooding and landslides that are engulfing Australia and Brazil. The weather pattern has been changing too. Places that were cold are now warming up and the opposite is also true in other areas. Lakes are starting to dry, sinkholes are suddenly popping up everywhere.The seasons are not making any sense. Its snowing when its not supposed to be and raining during the supposed dry spells. What’s going on? It’s not just the change in the climate. We get the feeling that something is about to happen and that something can not be good. What is it?

The Mayans may have the answer and they discovered it hundreds of years ago. The Mayans are perhaps the most mysterious people who ever lived. They left startlingly accurate predictions that have come true and other predictions of things yet to come. The most controversial of these predictions concerns what will happen in December 2012, which is supposed to be the end of a cycle of years in the ancient Mayan calendar. There is supposed to be a great change that will happen at that time.

So how to survive 2012? There are a lot of analyst that have offered their opinion as to what changes will transpire on 2012. Unfortunately though there are as many interpretations as there are interpreters so there is a great variation as to what will happen. The best thing would be to prepare for the worst and not live in fear of what we are not sure. For me that will be the best way to survive 2012.