The American Soldier’s Backpack: The MOLLE Backpack

The MOLLE backpack system is specifically designed for combat situations. Whether it be for an Army combat soldier, or a Marine, the MOLLE offers the best combat solutions. The MOLLE is equipped with various pockets and attachments that are well able to properly equip the soldier for research missions and combat missions alike.

The amount of equipment that the soldier needs will determine the configurations of the pack. These accessories also integrate the combat vest too. Pads are worked into the configurations in order to assure the maximum comfort for the soldier.

The number of configurations for the vest and pack include a number of holsters. These holsters secure the soldier’s equipment from hip to thigh. These securing holsters assure that the equipment stays secure, and does not move until the soldier moves it.

The type of accessories the soldier needs include magazines of ammunition, radio equipment, and grenades. The MOLLE will also hold a variety of canteens and pistols. The new design of the MOLLE accessories system is meant to maximize space and to hold more equipment.

The design of the MOLLE can even accommodate more technologically advanced equipment. Some of the pieces that are included in this category are GPS devices, advanced radio and transmitting devices, and short range surveillance gear.

While significant thought and design processes have gone into the MOLLE, the one thing that has remained unchanged is its comfort for the soldier. The MOLLE still allows for maximum range of movement for the soldier, and the ability to store a lot of gear. The soldier is also still able to store gear from essentially head to foot. The range of reach to acquire equipment has become more compact as well.

The MOLLE is the essential combat equipment. Many soldiers rely on the MOLLE and its various attachments for their life. The expanded pocket system, and the water proof treating of the MOLLE allows the soldier to carry both personal and combat equipment.