Fishing Game

For me, fishing is more than just an activity or even a hobby.  I have enjoyed fishing for as long as I can remember, and merely ‘enjoying’ fishing is not the correct word for it.  In my college days, I was obsessed.  I took fly fishing classes, ditched my other classes to get out on the river, and even took girls on dates fly fishing.  There is something mystical about fishing that lures me in every time.

Ever since I was a boy, my fishing excursions with my family always turned into a fishing game or competition.  Who could catch the biggest fish?  Who could catch the most fish?  This challenge always brought out the most focus in all of us, as we always wanted to win the prize.  When I go fishing with friends or family now, the biggest fish or the most fish usually determines who buys lunch or dinner.

For me, getting into fishing wasn’t very difficult.  All it took was for my dad to take me to a pond as a little boy to feed the carp corn and bread crumbs.  For others, it might take a little bit more prodding.  Try using a Nintendo Wii fishing game, handheld fishing game, or other online fishing game to spark their interest.  If you are trying to get them interested in hunting as well, try a hunting and fishing game to spark their interest into both outdoor activities.  The Nintendo Wii is a useful tool because it incorporates real fishing movements by using a fishing game controller shaped like a fishing pole, which makes for a good fishing game for kids.

While virtual fishing games are fun and can help to spark interest into real fishing, nothing can substitute for the real thing.  Start with a bass fishing game or a fly fishing game online, and then move onto the real thing if interest is there.  If not, maybe just getting out into the great outdoors could do the trick.  The nice thing about fishing is that it can be done in some of the most scenic places on earth.

Whether you get into virtual fishing or the real thing, add a little competition with a fishing game.

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