Wilderness is New Zealand’s Most Trusted Campervan Rental Business

Wilderness motorhomes are regionally recognized as being the most trusted travel and outdoors purveyor. Don’t just take our word for it – our customer reviews have earned us the esteemed Supreme Award of the Traveller Voted Awards for two of the past three years. Read what our commenters have said about their experience with Wilderness on the Rankers website.

There are many reasons why, if you are looking to rent a campervan hire new zealand based Wilderness is a great idea. We rent top notch vehicles at reasonable prices, because we understand that not everyone wants to, or can, pay top dollar for a campervan. Auckland Motor homes can be very expensive, but we have found a way to provide you with quality at a sensible price: we take vehicles six years old or younger, refurbish them, and then maintain them meticulously for our clients. Brand new motorhomes are available, too, including the European-designed and built Ixeo, which is known for its comfort and style.

Regardless of the model you rent, all of our campervans and motorhomes run on diesel, which in New Zealand is about forty percent less expensive than gasoline. Our campervans and motorhomes come with all the auxiliaries that most rental companies either won’t bother with or will charge you exorbitant extras for, like dual air bags, solar panels and high-charging batteries. There are also extras like water storage, DVD players, and freedom camping certification that many people consider to be fundamental parts of their outdoors experience.

It does not matter if you like your excursions rugged or pampered. Regardless of what you choose, we are the experts on touring wild New Zealand, and our team knows everything about campervan rentals in the region. Our team members live and breathe the outdoors. When we aren’t hard at work helping to shape your holiday into something special, we are testing our products on our own holidays. We know what works, and what doesn’t, from consistent personal experience. We have made the mistakes and enjoyed the pleasures of New Zealand road trips and wilderness excursions, and so our firsthand knowledge is unbeatable. We supply you with advice, guide books, and the tools you need to enjoy your holiday as much as we enjoy ours!

This is in part thanks to our moderately-sized company, which is big enough to provide you with a variety of campervan options, but small enough to still care about the quality of your trip.

Rolling On A Class C RV

A lot of RVers prefer fulltiming in a class C RV than using class B recreation vehicles. While Class C RVs are not as luxurious as Class B and Class A RVs, which are single unit recreational vehicles, they are more convenient since you can be able to tow them and leave them parked in RV campgrounds or parks while going on short trips. Travel trailers or fifth wheels referred to as class C RVs are trailers built to provide comfortable and convenient living accommodations while traveling. They are trailers equipped with amenities found in the home and are towed behind a mobile vehicle. People doing fulltime RV living find them more practical than class B RVs, which are vehicles like trucks and vans who’s bodies are converted and equipped with living space accommodations.

Fulltimers often find class B recreation vehicles inconvenient, having to drive the entire unit, even for short trips only, like running simple errands. Finding a parking space for these vehicles is difficult, especially when doing errands in towns or cities. Fulltimers who use class B recreation vehicles often have another mobile vehicle towed behind their unit or a motorcycle for short or side trips such as doing errands or doing some sightseeing that does not require bringing the RV with them.

Class A recreational vehicles on the other hand are like class B RVs in as much as that they are mobile vehicles with special chassis, built and customized to provide living accommodations, but in a much grander scale. They are equipped with living space complete with amenities found in a home, having one or two bathrooms, a bedroom, kitchen and living room that can also be used as an extra sleeping space. They are furnished with stylish and luxurious materials, fitted with equipments of modern technology like satellite phones, internet capabilities, televisions and such. Living in one is like staying in a first class hotel. These motor homes are every fulltiming RVers dream vehicle since they are very luxurious.

Collecting RV Foreclosures Is A Dream Job

If you have had to deal with collections before, you may see repossessing RVs as a dream job.  With collections, you are making phone calls to a lot of people that owe a lot of money.  Most of the time, it is very difficult to make any progress or headway with these people.  This is either because they don’t want to talk to you, or because they don’t have any money, or it is usually both of these reasons.  When you go and repossess RV foreclosures, you can make a lot more money.  Most of the time the banks will pay you $300-$400 for bringing in a repo RV.  This means that even if you only can collect one repo RV every day, you’re still making a lot of money.  Some people who are really good at this job, can bring in three or four every day and they make a ton of money.

It doesn’t require a college degree to become a repo man.  In fact, it doesn’t even require that you graduated from high school.  All you need to do is to have a lot of patience and determination.  It also helps if you have good communication skills. In addition, having a large tow truck is also a great asset to have.

When you are trying to find RV foreclosures and motorhome repos, you are acting like a bounty hunter.  Sometimes you have to be a pretty good detective to find out where owners are hiding their vehicles so that they will not get repossessed.  Before you go and “steal” someone else’s RV in the middle of the night, make sure that you contact the local police department and let them know what you are doing.  Usually they will require you to make one or two attempts during the day, but if you’re unable to successfully negotiate with them, then sometimes you can get the motorhome when they are asleep at night.  This is nice because you don’t have to deal with talking to the owners at all.