Offsite Tape Storage – Choosing A Suitable Facility

Using offsite tape storage facilities is the fundamental way of maintaining a disaster recovery plan for many companies. This article looks into why tape storage is still popular despite newer technologies entering the market and some of the choices you will need to make when picking an offsite storage facility.

It can often seem odd to still see backup tape devices being used in modern offices. Especially when you consider how NAS and HDD backup systems are now so widespread. However, the key to backup tapes still being popular comes down to the fact that they are well proven technologies at this point and can be reliably used over and over again. It’s also worth noting that the cost of the tape media themselves as gotten so long now that it is extremely cheap to maintain numerous backup copies of your IT systems.

In addition, the process of data recovery and mechanical recovery from a backup tape is a lot easier than it is from HDD device. On many occasions, if you were to drop a backup tape and the casing became damaged then you could simply replace it with anyone and would still operate. The same could not be said of HDD storage device that was dropped.

The choice of which offsite tape storage facility you use comes down to a couple of key factors. First you need to consider any legal requirements that your company may have with regard to data protection of customer information. If you have legal requirements relating to the level of security for this data that may preclude using some facilities (e.g. if you are storing data belonging to competitors).

Secondly, you need to consider the proximity of the backup facility. If you need access to the tapes for fixing computer problems rapidly then you will need some way of transporting the tapes from the facility to your office (e.g. using couriers). This time constraint should be clearly defined as part of your disaster recovery plans and agreed by all management.

Location is also a consideration as regards the safety of the backup facility. If a hurricane was to cause damage to your building, then it could conceivably cause damage to a backup facility within a certain number of miles radius. Therefore, the location of the facility should be outside a range affected by adverse weather conditions that your region may experience.

Is important to also consider what sort of backup testing you should do prior to going with an offsite tape storage facility. This should include doing a trial run of saving and restoring data to and from tapes and transporting them to the offsite facility in order to assess what turnaround times would be needed for retrieving a tape.

How Much Should I Anticipate To Pay To Purchase A Used Aluminum Carport

If there’s one important thing most people need, it’s extra storage space. Whether it is for parking and protecting your truck, using it as extra living space, or just using it for other purposes, I don’t know too many people that would turn extra storage space down. While wanting it is great, determining how you will do it cheaply is another question.

Determining Your Finances:

Many people can’t afford traditional storage construction like an attached garage or extra room if you don’t have one. These types of projects normally get started at $8,000 and can quickly surge in price. Plus, you have to deal with a general contractor who might not be able to finish on time or stay within your budget.

However, a pre-owned aluminum metal carport kit may offer you lots of the storage benefits of regular construction at a fraction of the price. A durable, pre-owned steel carport will run you about $800 or so. This type of carport is generally sufficient enough to comfortably store one car and still get some additional storage area. So why pay $8,000 when you can actually pay $800 to 1 grand.

Carport Pricing Basic Principles:

The most important determining factors of a pre-owned carport’s price includes the following: age and overall condition. If it is a more modern model in pretty good condition, you can expect a 10% – 15% discount in price over the regular retail price. Generally if the model is much older than 7 years but still in good shape, you save anywhere from 20% – 30% off the normal asking price.

However, previously owned aluminum carport kit plans can give you many of the same storage benefits of typical construction at a fraction of the cost, in accordance with the carport’s condition.

The Internet Alternative:

When you’re shopping on the web, you can probably save between $1,000 to $2,000 for a really good metal carport. This could seem costly, but most of the carports are generally pre-certified. Plus, it usually includes all of the parts, tools and instructional guide. Which means you grab a model that may be 1 or 2 years old, and end up saving 10%. And on top of that, you will get it delivered to the door.

Shopping around the Classifieds:

With most people shopping online, the classified section of the newspaper has less and less readers. However, there are a lot of good deals from carport owners in that section. The best thing about buying from the classified section is that you can drive and check out the carport in person. Plus, you can even negotiate the purchase price down a bit, because you have direct contact with the carport owner.

How To Clean Your Under Bed Storage Drawers

As space crunch is a common problem in many homes, many people have found out the benefits and utility of under bed storage drawers. These drawers can store many things and give you a neat and tidy home. The things stored in these drawers are protected from dust and germs. However, there are always tiny spaces left through which insects can find their way to these things. So it is very important to clean your drawers. If you are a busy person juggling between your home and office, and don’t have the time to clean on a frequent basis, make sure to at least clean after every three months.

Some Methods to Clean Your Under Bed Storage Drawers

Let’s start with plastic drawers. There are many varieties of plastic drawers available like boxes with lids, clear zip lock plastic, plastic boxes with wheels, etc. These drawers are light-weight and very easily accessible, making it a number 1 choice for many people. They are very easy to clean. You just have to wipe these drawers and the dust will vanish. If you are cleaning them after a long time, you can add some detergent to water, rub this on you drawer and then wipe with a clean cloth. Your drawers will look as good as new.  These boxes are easily washable, sturdy and long-lasting.

Wooden drawers can be a bit time consuming to clean, but you can make it fun to clean them. Allot one day especially to clean your drawers. You can make three different boxes. Keep the things that you want in the “store” box. Keep the things that you want to throw in “thrash” box and keep the things which you don’t want but are too good to be thrown in “donate” box.

There are many things in the drawers which are just kept in the hope of that they will be used someday (especially clothes). If you have not used them in the last year even for once, the chances are you will never use them, so allot them in appropriate box. Once you have sorted out all your things in this way, you can dust your drawers with a vacuum cleaner. That won’t take much time (but sorting out things will!).

Once you have vacuumed your drawers, put some insect and bug repellant solution to prevent insects. Then take the box which has “store” written on it and keep the things in an organized way in the drawers. Do not toss them or you will not find things inside easily and the whole purpose of cleaning the drawers will be wasted. The box which has “thrash” written, you can just throw that into your garbage bin and the third box meant for donating, donate it to NGO’s and charitable trusts.

The clean and organized drawers will make you happy. It helps you to de-clutter your mind too. You surely need to experience it. If you want to try it, start your spring cleaning of under bed storage drawers and feel the difference.

Self Storage Units- A Great Investment

Self storage units have become an attractive investment due to simplified management and consistent cash flow. Today as every little town has storage units it takes serious research to determine if there is need for more storage space. If there is need for more space, there can be some real advantages of this kind of real estate investment. Cash flow can be consistent for years if proper research has been done.

Investing in Self Storage Units:

For investing in self storage units, one has to first see the demand and the vacancy in other storage units in that area. If there are vacancies in other storage units then one is likely to drop the idea. Also one should check the permits issued for storage and statistics online to ensure that there is demand for storage or there will surely be demand in the future.

If one plans for a 102 unit building, one is expected to earn about $4800 per month. Per month $1000 can be the expenses occurred and if one appoints a management company to manage it  it will cost about $500 per month. Thus one can earn a net income of about $ 3300 per month from storage units such as storage Edinburgh.

The approx cost of the project is about $270000 for which a bank loan has to be taken. As the occupancy increases so will your income from the project and you can pay off the debts and release the loan slowly and steadily.

Also one has to follow the legal requirements which are required to be followed. All the laws should be followed and documents should be submitted according to the requirements. Also the security measures should be precise as in the case of self storage Edinburgh.

Thus an investment in self storage units proves to be a great one if proper research and arrangements are done.

Substitutes For Decorative Storage Boxes Lids

Decorative storage boxes are the perfect storage system if you want to keep your stuff organized but do not want piles of ugly boxes to cramp the style of your home. They can save you space and save you a lot of stress when you are looking for something specific, and can also make your room more stylish and bright. For decorative storage boxes lids are essential because they keep everything inside organized and safe. If you have a decorative storage box that has no lid, do not fear. There are some alternatives that you can substitute for it.

For boxes that have no heavy contents, you can get construction paper or any other kind of heavy paper and use it as a cover for your box. Get a piece of construction paper that is bigger than the opening of the storage box. Using a pair of scissors, cut slits into the corners of the paper. Fold the edges and tape the corners together so you can create the shape of a lid with the paper. Because paper is very versatile, you can decorate the paper any way you want. Just try not to apply too many decorative items on it so you do not make it too heavy. Try to stick to coloring materials for decorating.

You can also substitute decorative storage boxes lids with sheets of cardboard. If the storage box you are using now does  not have flaps or if its flaps are broken, you can just get yourself a separate piece of cardboard and fashion it into a lid in the same way. The advantage of using cardboard instead of heavy paper is that you can decorate it with more stuff and it is also sturdier.

Another substitute for the lid of a decorative storage box is a plastic lid. You can get these from old plastic storage boxes that are already damaged. The advantage of plastic is that it is waterproof and very sturdy. However, it may be difficult for you to decorate it since it will not adhere well to glue.

Why Get A Toy Hammock?

Did you ever stop to think about the toy hammock? It is not the first thing a lot of people visualize if they are asked to think about a handy household gadget. But ask an industrious mother, and she’ll let you know how helpful it is. Cheap, simple to work with, just right for storing stuffed animals, what else can a parent desire?

There are other options available, like toy trees and the chain gang toy organizer, but these are more expensive and harder for little hands to use.  If you have young children, toy hammocks are the best ways to go.

Toy nets don’t just have to be crocheted. Fabric ones work also. One of the advantages of solid fabrics is that they are available in a number of eye-catching patterns, like the Cotton Tale Designs Lizzie Toy Bag. The main benefit of a crocheted one is that it stretches further, allowing it to hold a little more. It also is a lot easier to see what’s within, which is good if the hammock is located higher than the child’s head.

Fortunately, it’s quite uncomplicated to set up a toy hammock. Decide where you want it and put in the initial cup hook in that spot in the corner. Utilizing a studfinder, go out from the initial hook and locate the next stud on each side. Put in the next two cup hooks on each side. The last thing to do is circle the hammock around the cup hooks!

These gadgets are also cheap. Most of them cost fewer than ten bucks, although a solid cloth bag may cost a bit more. The few that cost more are generally a name brand or more eye-catching. Even at their most costly, toy bags should not cost more than fifty dollars.  But if you are really crafty, you can make your own.  There are plenty of tutorials available online – all you need is some fabric and time!