What Are Tactical Vests Used For?

Tactical vests are part of safety military gear. They are also used on swat teams and police forces. They are used for protection. Army tactical vests are part of safety equipment for combat. They are considered as body armour. A tactical vest covers the upper body and are usually worn over a shirt. They can be worn alone. Tactical vests have many features such as a lot of extra pockets. The pockets on the vest is used for carrying tactical equipment such as tactical knives. The pockets can be used for other equipment like cell phones, guns, ammunition, grenades, etc.

Tactical vests have quite a few uses for civilians too. They are preferred to be used for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and many other outdoor sports. Good quality tactical vests are made to be lightweight so they will not weigh you down. Heavy tactical vests can cause fatigue. Tactical vests have quite a few different names such as swat gear, military equipment pack, modular rotation products, etc. The best tactical vests are Blackwater Gear, Blackhawk, Leapers, Humvee, etc. You can order them online from army stores, military surplus stores, outdoor sporting good stores, etc.

You can get them at low prices and they make great gifts for the outdoor sportsman. Tactical vests come with a nice warranty. You can have yours shipped right to your door. You may even qualify for free or low rate shipping. Tactical vests are made to protect you and that is why you need the best. Online professionals are waiting to help you place your order. They will provide you with excellent customer service. These tactical vests are made of the highest quality materials because your life depends on them. You will be glad that you have chosen the right tactical vest for your protection. You place your order right now.

Ease of Transport And Combat With ILBE Backpack

“Improved Load Bearing Equipment”. This is the meaning for the ILBE backpack. Designed for military use, this system incorporates systems for hydration as well as for water purification.  Designed to replace the old and futile ALICE and MOLLE backpacks as systems for carrying loads for combat and survival, the ILBE backpacks were conceptualized in 2004. The provided light yet durable pieces to US Marines for ease in transport even during survival or combat situations.  This system also gives a greater ease when it comes to access of ammunition during times of combat.

MARPAT camouflage patterns that are printed on Cordura denier fabric makes up the ILBE backpacks.  The PALS webbing grid was also incorporated by Propper, Inc., the manufacturer of ILBE backpacks. This allows smaller items to be attached to the packs.  You will be able to carry loads that can reach up to 120 pounds with ILBE backpacks. For easier access, these can hold types of mortar rounds. This kind of carrying system seemed to be great. But it was not good with modular tactical vests, so revisions were made in 2006.  The revisions made the size of the backpacks to be reduced.  Nonetheless, because of these revisions, the ILBE backpacks turned out better.  More detachable pockets were also added.  The standard ILBE, the Assault Load Carrier Pouch System the ILBE Assault Pack, are also included in the newer version of ILBE backpacks.

The US Marines gave specific guidelines as to what should be the characteristics of their backpacks during the conceptualization of the ILBE. First was the existence load.  This is mainly used for planning; but in the event that the marines is not able to resupply, this can be used for support.  The weight of the existence load should be fair enough to make the soldier do his activities without difficulties.  The approach March load is next.  This is pretty useful when there is an extension of combat operations.  Last is the assault load.  This is useful when there is an actual assault conduct. Amounting to $600 per pack, the ILBE backpacks can be expensive to acquire.  Nonetheless, these are better to use than the older types of military packs.

There are military items that can also be useful for ordinary people. Yet, for boys, who are not allowed for such stuff, the Lego army tank can be a good start.