Provide Enough Shade At Your Parties With A Tailgating Canopy

When it comes to throwing the ultimate tailgating party, there are a lot of preparations that need to be made in order to have the perfect party: Food, drinks, a tailgating canopy, footballs, barbecues, napkins, condiments, chairs, sports items, etc. That list is by no means comprehensive. When planning a tailgating party you need to ask yourself several key questions. How many people am I going to invite? How many chairs do I need to bring? How much food do I need to provide? Do I want people to bring their own food? Is everyone that I am inviting all rooting for the same team? One of the most important parts about a tailgating party is the food. Food is often what brings humans together, and the tailgating party is no exception. One thing that I have found that is key to having a successful party is having enough barbecues to make everyone happy.

People can become really frustrated very quickly by watching someone eat a burger while waiting for their’s to cook. It is a smart idea to bring more than one barbecue to a tailgating party, depending on how many people are invited of course. A good ratio would be one barbecue for every eight people. This ensures that meat is cooking at all times and that people can all eat at the same time. Another aspect that is key to having a successful party, is having enough shade to cover everyone. If you are planning a party for a college football game, chances are you are planning your party for August sometime. No matter where you are in the country, August is always extraordinarily hot.

If you’re out west in the desert, like Utah, Arizona, or New Mexico, the blistering heat can be intense. If you’re in the south like Texas, Florida, or Georgia, you have the intense heat, plus humidity to deal with. It can be very hot. That is why I suggest to everyone who is planning a tailgating party, that they have a tailgating canopy or two. Depending on how big your tailgating canopy is, you want to make sure that everyone can sit in the shade to escape the heat of the sun. Another cool aspect of the tailgating canopy that I really like is the opportunity to customize it to show school pride. I went to Brigham Young University, so I have my tailgating canopy decked out with Cougars.

This gives me a chance to show my school pride and show everyone where my true loyalties lie. You never, ever want to run out of food at a tailgating party. People come to have a good time, and that often involves the food present. But you probably also don’t want all of that money spent coming out of your own pocket. Be a leader, make delegations to other people, and have them help supply the food. To save money, my wife and I usually ask everyone to bring their own meat and drinks, and we provide the condiments, chips, fruit, and vegetables.

Meat is the most expensive part, so since everyone brings their own, our parties don’t cost us too much. I know it may seem like a stupid tip, but make sure those you invite are all rooting for the same team. There is a huge rivalry between BYU and the University of Utah, and I made the mistake one time of inviting a Ute to my tailgating party. Needless to say, it did not go over well. In the end, if you stick to these simple guidelines, you’ll have a successful party. Just remember, bring enough food, provide enough shade, and have a good time!

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