How to Liven Up That Taupe Sofa

A taupe sofa is a staple in design but it can also feel a little bit bland although it really doesn’t need to. In this case you can still get the same couch but really use it in a different way. The reason that this is so popular is because it works. It’s easy to clean, it’s easy to find, and it’s easy to design around.

You can really play around with your wall colors. Taupe will match anything but it helps balance a lot of feminine colors such as rose or even purple. You can use this to just really get a more neutral look in your room. This is especially important if you want a very bold wall color such as turquoise. You can get so excited about color that you might really want to use it on everything but this can be a huge design mistake.

The silhouette is really what is going to stand out on the pieces. This means that you could use the same color palette for a vintage, retro, contemporary or rustic style depending really on what kind of theme you have in your space.

You can still make a neutral couch interesting with texture. Remember this when using neutrals in a taupe bedroom or a gray bathroom. In this case you can really find detached cushions. Replace a few of them or recover them. You might just want to make a pillow slipcover in this case it’s really going to make it more durable. You can take it off and then just really clean it or go back to a totally neutral look. In this case bring in tweed or houndstooth so the patterns don’t seem too feminine.

You can also really experiment with bright wall colors or accent colors when you really have a taupe sofa. In this case you’re really going to want to bring in yellow, mustard, terra cotta or even olive green.

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