The Tea Length Wedding Dress

Most women are picky when it comes to their clothes but they become even more selective when it comes to their wedding gowns. While most brides will select a full length wedding gown, a small number of brides will select to  wear a tea length gown.  Tea length wedding dresses were popular in the 1950’s and you can still find women that wear these today.

What make these ladies go against the grain and pick tea length gowns instead  the full length dresses that are now worn extensively? The answer is already in the question, actually. Full length dresses are popular today and has been the pick of most brides. Yet, there are brides that want to be unique, so they pick tea length dresses. They want their most memorable day to be unforgotten by the guests because they wear something different from the other brides that invited them to their wedding.

This is usually the move of bold and adventurous brides. If you want to be remembered on your wedding day, dare to be different. Another reason why this is picked by other brides is because it shows their legs. Some women want to expose their best assets, like their legs. If you are one of these women, tea length dresses will showcase your long and slender legs. This is also a good way to show off the new shoes that you bought only for your wedding. If you wear a full length, you might think it was a waste to buy new shoes because they can’t be seen as your legs and feet will be covered. Also a good point to consider the tea length dresses is it can be used with an outdoor wedding theme. If you will have a wedding on the beach, these dresses are appropriate for that because it’s comfortable and will not easily get dirty.

Tea length wedding gowns have a lot of advantages over full length dresses. The only problem you can get if you pick this length is finding it. But if you do a lot of research you will surely find the best one that suits your taste.

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