Most Common Tenant Screening Packages From Screening Agencies

Tenant screening is a very important in the evaluations of your dream tenants. As a business owner dealing in the rental of apartments, houses, office spaces, or condo units, you would wish to have a tenant who does not cause problems in your financial stability. You want to have a tenant who can pay on time, who respects your authority as a landlord, and somebody who is not  a threat to the safety of his fellow tenants. You would wish to have a tenant who is a good payer and of good moral character.

In this light, there are many companies that specialize themselves in the screening of potential tenants. They have access to a wide variety of information sourced from government or private agencies. Some of these agencies can provide them for free because their records are already stored in their database. The only downside would be the possibility of data that are not accurately updated and may have been stored for quite some time already. There are also agencies that provide data for specific rates. They may be expensive, but you are assured of real time information, duly updated from their sources.

The basic package for a tenant screening report may only include verification of information on the identity of the subject which includes his name, aliases, date of birth, and social security number. Without the SSN, verifying the character of the subject becomes difficult. Criminal records from state and federal departments are also provided by the agency. The credit score is also given. Bankruptcies and foreclosures are detected as reference to these information may lead landlords to reject an application.

More comprehensive packages may involve eviction records, sex offender registry, incidents of abuse, past address history, medical collections, motor vehicle and driving records, drug arrests, and so much more.

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