Tennis Elbow Relief Measures

Tennis elbow or otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis is a common injury that afflicts the elbow. The repetitive action of the hand, wrist and arm, which places unwarranted stress along the elbow usually results to this painful condition. This typical arm injury is characterized by the swelling as well as the acute pain experienced on the outside or lateral part of the elbow and it strictly affects the usual activities of the dominant arm (almost ninety percent of tennis elbow cases afflicts the dominant arm; hence if you are a lefty, the left arm shall be affected and so on). Even the mere backward bending and/or strengthening of the wrist can elicit that sharp stabbing pain which can spread all throughout the whole arm. Even though tennis players are the ones commonly diagnosed of having this particular injury, one simple fact remains and that is anybody can get affected by it!

So, if you have been diagnosed of having this agonizing affliction, what can you do? Well, here are some of your conservative lateral epicondylitis treatment options;

Ice: The application of an ice pack onto the source of pain and discomfort can significantly help ease such pain. This is also beneficial in decreasing the inflammation or swelling of the elbow joint.

Medications: Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed to tennis elbow sufferers. Although they may bring about slight stomach irritation, they are however useful when it comes easing the pain. If you are not keen into taking oral medications, there are also steroid creams which you can topically apply. These are also great for relieving the soreness.

Braces: Elbow braces or straps should be worn as they offer support for the damaged tendons and tissues and at the same time speed up the process of healing. Braces or straps protect the injured elbow from acquiring further damage or injury. In many cases, they are advised in order to immobilize the arm for it to completely rest.

Now, there are also natural remedies for this condition and they have been found very useful, especially in relieving that nagging pain. Certain herbs which show evidence of containing anti inflammatory properties are deemed a boon for many sufferers of tennis elbow. Listed below are some herbs which can be utilized in treating injuries such as tennis elbow:

St. John’s Wort: This is an amazing herbal tennis elbow cure as it helps reduce the swelling as well as soothes the stabbing pain.

Ginger: Taking ginger tea periodically is a great option as it contains wonderful healing properties. Another way to use ginger is to take a handful of fresh ginger root and then place them in hot water. Let it soak for about ten to fifteen minutes. Next, using a wash cloth, apply the solution onto the affected area to obtain relief.

These are some helpful tennis elbow relief measures, and will surely get you on the path to recovery.

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