The Benefits Of Chamomile And Other Teas

There’s nothing quite as disconcerting as a colicky child, and many a parent has researched ways to help their poor children with these upset stomachs.

One little known natural method is chamomile tea. A small amount of chamomile tea, when introduced into their bottle, can help soothe colicky stomachs. Chamomile tea also has the benefit of helping to quiet and sooth children and adults alike, and can be the perfect drink at the end of a long or stressful day to help promote a good night’s rest.

Chamomile tea is also unique in that is has several skin and beauty applications. When hair is bathed in chamomile tea it can help brighten dull blonde hair or old highlights. It doesn’t lighten hair, per se, but it does help to make the hair appear brighter and more vibrant. Several shampoos on the market now include chamomile in them as well.

Chamomile tea can also help heal scratches and burns in the skin as it is a natural antiseptic. Compresses of used tea bags can be applied directly to the skin for several minutes each night to help speed the recovery process.

There are many other herbal teas on the market that can be used to help health in one way or another. In fact, scientists have discovered that people who drink 5 or more cups of green tea per day were much less likely to develop cancer. A very handy thing indeed.

One tea to be concerned about, however is the cho yung tea diet. Cho Yung Tea is based loosely on the idea that green tea can help one lose a small amount of weight. Cho Yung Tea claims to be a mixture of green tea and other herbs that will help you lose those pesky pounds.

Turns out, it is just a really expensive bag of green tea.

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