Understanding The Dukan Diet

Dukan diet is a low carbohydrate, high protein diet. This may not sound new to you as there are lots of other diets with the same program. However, Dr. Dukan made it sure that his diet is different from any other diet program as his diet is divided into four phases. In this diet, bread, vegetables, cheese, and potatoes are divided into four phases.

  • The Attack Phase. This is the first phase of the Dukan diet and is considered as the protein phase. During this phase, dieters can only consume foods that are high in protein, such as grilled chicken, steak, fish, and low fat yogurt among others. This will depend on an individual’s weight loss goal, but usually, the attack phase will only last for 2 to 7 days. If you want to lose 20 to 40 pounds, you would have to follow the attack phase for 5 days and lose 4 to 6 pounds.
  • The Cruise Phase: during this phase, vegetables are reintroduced to the dieters’ diet plan, except for starchy vegetables such as beans, potatoes, and corn. During this phase, protein and vegetables should be consumed alternately. You may choose how you would alternate the consumption just make sure that you do it.
  • The Consolidation Phase: during this phase, dieters are often worried that they might gain back the weight they have lost. However, since Dr. Dukan is a nutritionist, he has already prepared the diet for this, that is why Dukan is a lot different from all the other diet programs that existed. The consolidation phase is considered as the most crucial phase in the program. During this phase, you can reintroduce foods such as bread, potatoes, cheese, and fruits into your diet.
  • The Stabilization Phase: this is the final phase of the Dukan program and you may choose to follow this phase for the rest of your life or as long as you wish. The only thing that you have to do during this phase is to consume all the foods you want for six straight days and leave one day as your protein day. During your protein day, you cannot consume any other foods except for the ones that are rich in protein.

Dukan diet allows you to reduce weight fast and help you prevent gaining back the weight you have already lost by preventing you from craving for foods or feeling hungry. The diet can also teach you how you should enjoy the foods without worrying about weight gain. By following the losing weight tips given on the diet book, it will be a lot easier for you to start losign weight. However, it would be best if you can consult your physician and determine if the diet would be suitable for you.

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