The Olympic Games In London

The famous Thames river, the foreboding London Castle, the breathtaking gardens at Hampton, the fun filled red double-decker busses and the giant ferris wheel, known as the London Eye are just a few of the attractions you can expect to be spotlighted at the 2012 Olympic games. London, England boasts some of the richest history and sightseeing opportunities.

London won the bid to host the upcoming London 2012 Games, setting the games in a rich, historic and exciting town filled with all kinds of treasures including shopping, sightseeing and of course healthy completion while the games are in motion. London is expecting to sell upwards of 9.2 million tickets to the games and the metropolis is busy with preparations for the metro, its famous underground, to ensure the promptness and expected workload. The City is also busy n preparations concerning safety, security and accommodations.

The 2012 Olympics will take place in the United Kingdom from July 27th and run until August 12th. London is the first city to host the modern version of the Olympic Games three times. The city hosted in 1908, and in 1948 as well as the upcoming games. London beat out Moscow, New York City, Madrid, and Paris in the bidding after rounds of voting.
Sites old and new are being developed in anticipation of the games and visitors can expect to see classic venues such as Hyde Park and The Horse Guards Parade sprinkled with a twist of Olympic magic. A few properties and business areas have been cleared to make way for new Olympic venues allowing for the onslaught of event goers and sightseers during this exciting time.

People who are lucky enough to be one of the 9.2 million expected at next years games can expect all of the usual sports ranging from sailing to wrestling to shooting to cycling as well as a few new summer sports, all set against Londons rich and beautiful city backdrop.

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