The Side Effects Of Cylert

Cylert or pemoline is a stimulant used for treating brain abnormalities of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Children with this condition are hyperactive and inattentive. It is believed that Cylert can reduce the child’s hyperactivity level and increase his attentiveness. This might sound very promising when it comes to treating the basic symptoms of ADHD, but it does have side effects. Listed below are the known Cylert side effects.

These are the common side effects of Cylert:

1.      Agitation: Taking Cylert may make the person shake, particularly their hands.

2.      Irritability: Your child may become low tempered from taking Cylert.

3.      Insomnia: This is the most frequently reported side effect of taking Cylert. The first few days of taking Cylert may cause difficulty sleeping, but it will eventually go away after about a week or if you lower the dosage.

4.      Dry mouth: This is a common side effect among many stimulants. It’s considered a minor side effect.

5.      Allergic Reactions: Upon taking Cylert, your child might experience some allergic reactions. He may find it hard to breathe; close his throat, or the areas around his mouth might swell.

6.      Erratic movements: He might also experience involuntary or erratic movements in his lips, tongue, face, arms, and/or legs.

7.      Gastrointestinal problems: The child might lose interest in food or become more interested in food. So, he could potentially gain weight or lose weight. He might also have an upset stomach.

8.      Central Nervous System: Your child might experience headaches or drowsiness when he starts taking Cylert.

9.      Skin effects: This is similar to an allergic reaction, but is more unusual and can be described as having yellow skin or swollen glands.

10.   Other side effects: Mild depression and nervousness are also possible upon starting Cylert.

If you are not comfortable with these side effects, then it is recommended that you discontinue the use of Cylert and try using one of the many effective ADHD remedies. If you are currently taking Cylert and the side effects are still persisting, then you should contact your doctor.

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