Enjoy The Taste Of Erythritol Instead Of Sugar

There are many people in the world today who enjoy the many tasteful benefits of sugar. Sugar is used in almost everything that we eat, muffins, chocolate, cereals, drinks such as kool-aid. But what if you were to substitute sugar with something else? Some people may agree that it would not be such a great idea although many people are doing it everyday with unnatural and artificial things like splenda.

However, what if you could replace sugar without any undesired effects whatsoever? Well, you can! Many people don’t realize it, but you can actually put a substance known as Erythritol in your drink or food. Erythritol was discovered in eighteen forty-eight by a British chemist who went by the name of John Stenhouse. Erythritol naturally occurs in fruits and fermented foods.

Unlike sugar, Erythritol is almost non-caloric and has no effect on your blood sugar at all. Most importantly, it does not promote tooth decay at all. On the other hand, sugar most definitely does. Looking at it with an overall view, Erythritol wins the competition against sugar any day. Every other substitute has already been proven to have negative side effects on the human body.

Although Erythritol is an effective substitute as a sweetener, It does not have the similar taste texture that sugar does. This is due to the fact that sugar has sucrose, which Erythritol does not contain. Since this is a common problem, many companies who distribute goods with Erythritol in it often blend other ingredients in the product in order to create a artificial-tasting sugar taste. These erythritol products produce a taste almost exactly like sugar.

Another interesting fact about the Erythritol sweetener is that it is non-hygroscopic. The term non-hygroscopic means that it does not attract the presence of moisture. This can be a good thing but also a bad thing if you are baking foods and do not want a dry texture.

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