The Truth Behind Brachioplasty

Getting rid of flabby arms can be impossible if you do not know the right approach. There are some “doctor’s myths” about Brachioplasty. The surgeon says that the results are fast. This is half truth because although the procedure takes a couple of hours, it may take months before the patient can see the result. The scars tend to widen, thicken and become pigmented so in effect younger patients must think twice whether it will be alright with them to have some semi-visible scars even if they have an improvement on the shape of their upper arm.

Another myth is that the patient will be healthier. Having a trimmer upper arm does not affect the level of the patient’s cholesterol, increase her cardiovascular health nor improve her diet. Brachioplasty requires no effort. The truth is that the patient needs to lost weight so that she can get the best result. The more toned down they are the better. Ideally, a patient needs to be just 10 to 15 pounds heavier than their ideal weight. Going beyond this may require the patient to lose weight then have Liposuction before undergoing Brachioplasty.

The patient will be advice not to eat 24 hours after the surgery. It will also take some time before she can go back to work. The amount needed for this surgery ranges from $4,000 to $6,000. What one can do in order to help the Brachioplasty work? Eat clean meaning try to stay away from high cholesterol and sweet foods. A balance diet is a must. Never go beyond 5 hours between meals. To tone your arms eat every 3 hours. If you go beyond 5 hours the body will start to eat muscle tissue for energy and less muscle tissue results to slower metabolism and it also can affect your body and physical appearance.

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