Improve Your Bathroom with a Thermostatic Shower Mixer

There are many ways to improve your bathroom. From the littlest things like changing your curtains or your lighting fixtures, to more major changes like switching tiles or installing a new bathtub, everything makes a difference in the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. If you are moving into a new home or having your current home renovated, try not to overlook a very important feature in bathroom showers – the thermostatic shower mixer.

A thermostatic shower mixer is a device that controls water temperature by regulating water pressure. There is a built in thermometer in a thermostatic shower mixer that measures if the water is too cold or too hot, based on the water usage. If the water gets too hot, the thermostatic shower mixer will shut down the hot water supply to replace the water you are using with cold water, and in the same way, if the water gets too cold, the thermostatic shower mixer will shut down the cold water supply to provide you with more hot water for your shower. This makes for a constant shower temperature. If, for example, somebody in your house from another bathroom flushes the toilet, usually the temperature in your shower rises because the toilet flushing will use cold water, and you shower in hot water until the toilet is done flushing. With a thermostatic shower mixer you do not have to worry about this and you will be getting water of the same temperature even if someone flushes a toilet.

The bathroom in itself is already a hotspot for many accidents, and the thermostatic shower mixer helps by reducing accidents related to scalding that result from using shower water that is too hot. This is especially helpful if you have children, disabled, sick people, or grandparents at home who are more sensitive to water temperature. They will not have to worry about fluctuating temperature in their shower.

If you are redesigning your home, do not fail to install a thermostatic shower mixer. It is easy to install and requires minimum energy. It will definitely be an upgrade to your bathroom.

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