Time to Get a Piano Lamp?

The right equipment makes things easier. Whether you’re building a house or riding a bicycle, the right tools make everything more enjoyable. That even applies when the subject is something like playing the piano. There’s no doubt that there are many pianists around. And they know that a person can own piles of sheet music and book after book of beautiful music, but if eye strain is experienced because of poor lighting, a lot of enjoyment is lost.

Enter the piano lamp.

Now, any form of light is helpful when a person sits at the piano. It’s definitely easier to read music by the light shining from the middle of the room than to try to read music in the dark. But a piano lamp, designed to sit at a certain angle, aiming light straight toward the music, with a shade to prevent any glare from bothering your eyes, can’t be beat.

Many people are surprised to discover that piano lamps come in several different styles, from the traditional style to contemporary, to antique. There are even piano lamps with lampshades painted with pictures, and Tiffany-style shades. When was the last time you saw a piano lamp with a golfer making a hole-in-one on the shade? They exist.

Piano lamps don’t have to be only for the piano, either. They are often made with bases so when you aren’t playing the keys, and the lamp is off duty, it can be used as a desk lamp.

Funny thing about piano lamps: once you own one, you will be glad that you spent the money. Playing is improved because it’s easier to see the music. More enjoyment is derived from the time spent at the piano because eyes aren’t strained and tired when you’re done playing. With the wide range of styles now available both in stores and online, your new piano lamp will add more of your personality to the room in which you play.

There’s no reason NOT to get a piano lamp. What style will you choose?

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