Tips For New And Expectant Parents

If you are a new parent or if you plan to be then you have got a wonderful adventure in store for you.  You may also have lots of questions about the months to come.  Here are a few tips that will help you along.

When your new baby arrives you will quickly become very familiar with your changing bags.  You may get one at your shower or perhaps you have one from a past child or a from a friend who recently had a child.  If you haven’t gotten one yet then you should because it is something you will need.  There are lots of cool baby changing bags available in all sorts of styles.  One thing to keep in mind when buying a changing bag is that you are the one carrying the bag, not your child, so be sure to get a style that suits you.  You may want to get a few bags.  A big one for when you are going out for long day trips, and a smaller one for shorter trips.  You may want to even have a backup or two because as you might imagine, its only a matter of time until you make a mess of one of them.

If you are earlier in the process and still trying to get pregnant then you are probably familiar with the process of taking a pregnancy test.  One thing that you will need to watch out for is getting a  false negative pregnancy test.  This can be dangerous because if you are pregnant and don’t realize it then you might do something to harm your baby and not know it.  There are a few common things that cause a false negative result.  You should always pay close attention to the directions, especially when you try a new brand.  Make sure you know exactly what symbols you shoudl be looking for and how long to wait before reading the test.  If you are unsure about the results of your pregnancy test then be sure to visit your doctor where they can do a blood test which is the only foolproof method.

Pregnancy and parenthood can be full of uncertainty but it is also full of amazing moments.  The one thing you can be certain of is that it will be an amazing adventure that will change your life in a wonderful way.

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