Lose Weight By Learning To Control Your Portions

The portions of today seem to have grown exponentially larger than the portions of ten or twenty years ago. What used to be a serving of fries has turned into enough fries to feed your whole family. The dinner plate is actually more of a platter. The soda of old is now more of a bucket of sorts. The sad part about all of this? People feel gypped when they aren’t receiving these monstrous size portions. We’ve become accustomed to eating a lot. These tips to lose belly fat fast will help you to control your portions, and lose weight in doing so.

1. Save your twenty-five cents. It’s true, to mega-super size your fries you only have to pay a quarter more, and at the time you’re probably thinking to yourself, “why wouldn’t I?” Just don’t. The bargain you’re getting isn’t worth the extra calories. You really aren’t doing yourself a favor health-wise.

2. Measure your food. Try to go for a week or two measuring out your food. Be exact. You may just be surprised at how much you were over estimating what a cup actually is. Cereal is the killer. It seems to most people that a bowl-full is what a serving size should be, but this isn’t the case when your bowl is the size of your mixing bowl and not your cereal bowl.

3. Save some for later. When you go out to eat ask your waiter to bring you a to-go box with your meal. Before you even start eating, box up half of your food to take home. Although you may have great intentions of stopping eating when you are full, it doesn’t always happen. We get to eating, and talking, and sometimes we continue to just pick at our food; even if we are full. Avoid this by boxing it up ahead of time.

4. Eliminate seconds to eliminate belly fat. While you may have loved the meal you had for dinner, chances are one serving was probably enough. If you are dying to have more wait five or ten minutes to see if you are really hungry. If you aren’t don’t over do it. The extra calories just aren’t worth it.

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