D-I-Y Custom Closet Design Ideas

You don’t have to be a “Clean House” guru to convert your closet into an amazing space.  Out-of-the-box ideas can help you create an amazing custom design closet using these practical tips to organize your closet.

Classify your hanged clothes according to your climate orientation.  If you’re in the cold areas, you’ll definitely have stacks of spring, summer, autumn and winter clothes in your closet.  In tropical areas, these are mostly lightweight materials so you can group them according to colors. This way, you can separate your stylish clothes from other  apparels.

Then sort your clothes according to purpose.  Hang all your short-sleeved apparels on your preferred side, followed by long-sleeves, then coats, jackets and sweaters at the left side of your closet.  This way, it’s easy to pick up the clothes you need.

Next are your casual wears.  Fold, group and stack them in piles according to their use.

Clothing paraphernalia like jewelry, caps, scarves, neckties, belts, etc., can be arranged using closet essentials like necktie and belt organizers, tie rack and scarf hangers, twirl-rack organizers, cap, holders and jewelry holders. You can hang these at the sidewalls or the back walls of your closet doors.

Check for in-between spaces where you can put baskets and pull-out boxes for your socks, hankies and undergarments.

Moving on to the upper and lower area of your closet, you can put shoes, sandals and sneakers in shoe boxes or racks and bring them to the lower side of your closet.

Wrap seldom-used items like party costumes in plastic films, store them in plastic storage boxes and put them in the uppermost or floor portion of your closet.

Assign one storage box for clothes donation and another box for clothes that need fixing (lost button, broken zipper, etc.)

Once everything is organized, your last step is to ensure that you consistently follow this organizing technique until it has become part of your daily habit.  You’ll be amazed and proud of how far you’ve improved to turn it into a vibrant yet functional closet.

Remember to reward yourself afterwards for this remarkable achievement!

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