To Write A Poem…

Everyone is familiar with poems.  As children we naturally make up little rhymes and poems automatically and without encouragement but that as we get older it seems that we need encouragement poems just to be able to scribble down a few lines on a piece of paper.  We often become riddled with negative judgments and feedback about ourselves to the point where we won’t try something new that we don’t know how to do.

If you are considering getting outside of your box and you would like to start to write poetry go for it.  There is no time like the present to begin and it is actually really easy.  I especially recommend starting with short love poems, as matters of the heart can flow off the pen really easily.

First – buy and pen and pad of paper that you will now be carrying with you everywhere.  If you are going to be an artist you have to embrace the full spectrum of it and you never know where inspiration is going to come from.

Second – get to know different literary techniques.  Metaphors are essential to poetry.  Use them when you are speaking and explaining things, and continue to use them until you are comfortable doing so.  Don’t worry if at first you are awkward just keep trying.

Third – Expand your current vocabulary.  This is easiest done through reading.  And if you chose to read just above your current level you will learn a whole lot.

Fourth – Get familiar with imagery.  Know how to describe something using all the senses.  You want to include taste, touch, sound, smell and visual in your poetry to really involve the reader.

Fifth – read poetry whenever you can.  This will help you understand it better and expand your own ability to write about it.

Sixth – Get opinions and feedback.  The only way to grow at anything is to make mistakes and then learn from there.

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