Toilet Bowl Cleaning

It’s sometimes difficult to get your toilet bowl clean.  If you have hard water or stains, toilet bowl cleaning is even harder.  Cleaning with the proper toilet bowl cleaner is well worth the effort it takes to get it done.  A bathroom can never look perfectly clean if there are stains in the toilet bowl.  Here are some tips to help you clean your toilet bowl easier.

1.  Use the correct kind of cleaner for the job.  Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Clorox make good toilet bowl cleaners.  When cleaning, scrub the bottom of the toilet as well as under the rim because this is where water enters the bowl.  Failure to clean under the rim can result in build up from hard water.  This buildup can cause more staining in the bowl over time.

2.  A toilet brush with hard bristles works great for most jobs.  Sometimes you may find that you need something harder like a pumice stone.  A pumas stone is almost as hard as porcelain so you can scrub porcelain without scratching it.  A pumice stone also works well on sinks.  Do not use a flat head screwdriver or other metal to scrap off a stain from porcelain.  It will cause permanent damage that will be costly to repair.

3.  If there is staining at or below the water line, you may be better off to let the cleaner sit in the bowl for up to eight hours or overnight.  If you want to soak the stain, use bleach, muriec acid, or Calcium Lime and Rust.  Diluted bleach also works great as a grout and tile cleaner.   These are all chemicals that can cause harm to your skin or eyes so use rubber gloves and goggles and follow the instructions on the back of the bottle.  You may need to slowly add more water so the cleaner completely covers the stain.

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