Tory Burch Shoes – Pump Harder

There are some real eye opening new styles of Tory Burch shoes being unveiled this fashion season and it is really important you start wearing a variety of the pairs available in order to show the world that your sense of style is on the highest level. I have been paying close attention to what kind of styles Tory Burch is coming out with and I keep being amazed at what I see. This fall you are really going to be blown away by what this woman means to the fashion world, and what she will do for the modern woman who is looking to spice up her collection.

Her shoes are being designed with a level of class unseen in years. She has brought back elegance to formal wear and for that Ms. Burch, we thank you. Take for instance the new line of elegant pumps that just define what it means to dress your feet in a formal matter in this newly born century.

They come in some fabulous colors like Ostrich white, and silver glam. When a prototype for this pair was first shown to reviewers I could not keep my eyes off of the strap at the top of this pump and reminded me of a tennis bracelet. I tried to capture the emotions I was feeling in my notebook, but I just couldn’t translate the feelings of joy I was experiencing into language.

Just when I thought I would be able to keep myself together I was shown the new line of Tory Burch handbags. They were just stunning and I could not stop myself from weeping for a good 45 minutes. I wasn’t the only writer affected by this shotgun blast of beauty. We all had to take a few minutes to pull ourselves together in the men’s room before continuing the conference.

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