Fingerprint Reader On Touch Screen Laptops

One of the biggest issues with touch screen laptops or laptops in general is security.  Thieves know that if they can get their hands on your laptop, chances are pretty high that they can get their hands on your bank account information as well as a bunch of other sensitive data.

A fairly new security device is available on many touch screen notebook computers is called a fingerprint reader.  The way it works is pretty simple.  You open the security application, place your finger on the fingerprint reader, and the device will instantly scan your fingerprint.  It then stores the image of your fingerprint in its database of approved users.

When you open a laptop that has a fingerprint reader installed, you can simply press your finger on the fingerprint reader and it will instantly check to see if you are an approved user.  If you are, the laptop will power on.  If the person trying to access the laptop isn’t authorized, they will get a message that says “access denied” and your sensitive personal information will be safe.

Being able to set passwords on laptop computers is not new.  The problem is that people tend to be a bit lazy and impatient.  Most of the time users don’t set password protections on their laptops because it is a bit of a hassle having to enter the password all the time.

Researchers have discovered that people who own laptops with fingerprint reader security devices tend to be much more security conscious.   They only have to set up this security feature one time and then it’s simply a matter of touching your finger to the fingerprint reader to access the computer.  This is much easier than typing a password.  Computer manufacturers  have learned that if it’s easy, people will use it.

Do yourself a favor and the next time you buy a touch screen laptop, be sure the model that you choose is equipped with a fingerprint reader.

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