Does Your Child Need a New Toy Box?

Do you think your child needs a new toy box?  Is his current box overrun?  Are you constantly tripping over toys?  Do you feel the current system is unsafe?  Then you probably need to go shopping!

Shopping for a toy chest is tons of fun.  There are so many different styles and looks available to you.  You can find just about anything that you want, either online or at a store.  For example, if you want a gender neutral nursery, try this Guidecraft Safari toy chest.  Or you could find toy boxes that look like fire trucks, race cars, or even giant footballs!  There are even simple wooden boxes that look great in a formal living room (not that you would want your children playing amongst the antiques!)

When you first start shopping, you want to consider how big of a toy box you need.  If your child has a lot of toys to store, something large like this Little Tikes toy chest may do the trick.  But if your space is limited, then you’ll want to go with something a little smaller.    Take a tape measure and figure out how big the space you have is.  This can help you decide what size will work best for you.

If you don’t see any new models that work, you may want to consider looking for second hand ones.  There is a growing market on ebay and through local garage sales.  You just need to make sure the toy box you get will be safe for your child.  There should be no sharp edges or broken pieces.  Your child should not be able to get his fingers pinched in the hinges.  Most importantly, it should not latch from the outside.  This can cause your child to get trapped inside and suffocate, something no one wants to see happen!

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