Why Get A Toy Hammock?

Did you ever stop to think about the toy hammock? It is not the first thing a lot of people visualize if they are asked to think about a handy household gadget. But ask an industrious mother, and she’ll let you know how helpful it is. Cheap, simple to work with, just right for storing stuffed animals, what else can a parent desire?

There are other options available, like toy trees and the chain gang toy organizer, but these are more expensive and harder for little hands to use.  If you have young children, toy hammocks are the best ways to go.

Toy nets don’t just have to be crocheted. Fabric ones work also. One of the advantages of solid fabrics is that they are available in a number of eye-catching patterns, like the Cotton Tale Designs Lizzie Toy Bag. The main benefit of a crocheted one is that it stretches further, allowing it to hold a little more. It also is a lot easier to see what’s within, which is good if the hammock is located higher than the child’s head.

Fortunately, it’s quite uncomplicated to set up a toy hammock. Decide where you want it and put in the initial cup hook in that spot in the corner. Utilizing a studfinder, go out from the initial hook and locate the next stud on each side. Put in the next two cup hooks on each side. The last thing to do is circle the hammock around the cup hooks!

These gadgets are also cheap. Most of them cost fewer than ten bucks, although a solid cloth bag may cost a bit more. The few that cost more are generally a name brand or more eye-catching. Even at their most costly, toy bags should not cost more than fifty dollars.  But if you are really crafty, you can make your own.  There are plenty of tutorials available online – all you need is some fabric and time!

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