Storage Tips To Organize A Kid’s Bedroom

In any home with children, a kid’s bedroom is at risk for being the messiest room in the house.  Most kids don’t naturally clean without their parents forcing them to.  Also, a lot of children have toys in their bedroom, which can add to the mess.  How can you organize a child’s bedroom?  By taking advantage of storage you may not realize that you have.

Toys are often the messiest thing in a child’s room, as they get played with everyday.  A good piece of toy organization furniture can help keep them in line.  The Little Colorado Toy Organizer Bookshelf combines a toy bin organizer with a bookshelf to maximize storage space. Or if you just want a more straight forward to organizer, try the Tot Tutor toy organizer. These both can be used to store art supplies as well as small toys.

Stuffed animals may be supposed to sit on the bed, but they usually end up on the floor.  There are better ways to display them.  A toy hammock hangs in the corner of the room and looks nice holding the animals.  Toy chains also work well for older children – the clips on them are hard to operate for smaller ones.  There are also toy trees, but these take up precious floor space.

Clothing is also a source of disorganization.  Cut down on this by only keeping clothing out that is in season.  Off season clothing can be stored in vacuum sealed bags under the bed – these will easily slip into smaller spaces.  If the bed is higher off the ground, smaller bins can be used.   Other things can be stored under the bed as well. You can also maximize closet storage space by installing a second clothing rod.  Since children’s clothing is small, this usually works well.

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