Trampoline Tricks Entertaining and Fun

How many times have your kids yelled, “Mom, watch this!” while they are bouncing on their trampoline?  Chances are, they have seen some great trampoline tricks on television or the internet and are trying them out for your viewing pleasure.

Exercising on a trampoline improves reflexes, flexibility, balance, and coordination- so it is really good for kids and adults alike.  Learning some basic trick moves makes it even more fun!

One of the most basic trampoline tricks is “Landing on your back.”  This trick really is just as it sounds. You start out standing in the middle of the mat, and fall straight backwards while keeping your back and body straight and your head up. As you hit the trampoline, your head should drop naturally as well.  Then bounce back up and do it over and over until you are comfortable with it and can bounce higher.

Once you get the initial landing trick under your belt, try bouncing back up on to your knees instead of to a standing position. This is more challenging, but will also become second nature with practice.

Another basic move is the “tuck jump.”  Simply jump on the trampoline and bring your knees to your chest as you go up, and straighten them as you return to the mat.  This move will be central to many of the other flips and somersaults you’ll want to try.

Somersaults and flips on the trampoline are fun and actually safer than on a hard surface. But first make sure you are really comfortable with your bouncing abilities, and your balance is good before attempting these kinds of moves.  Once you’ve practiced enough times to have the flips completely mastered, you can add further moves, like spins and fancier landings.

Have fun and learn lots of great moves so that you can show off and impress your friends, or your kids.

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