Insuring Your Vacation Despite A Medical Condition

Travel insurance can be an important investment at any age, but protecting your financial investment in your vacation can be even more important for older travelers.  For many holiday travelers over 70, travel insurance makes good sense.

While it can seem somewhat confusing at first, finding travel insurance over 70 is actually pretty easy, and can help cover your financial losses in cases such as:
•    Last-minute travel itinerary alterations as a result of weather, emergency, or illness.
•    Extra, unplanned hotel nights or last-minute ticket purchases caused by cancelled or missed flights or other transportation
•    Itinerary changes caused by political unrest or other unforeseen circumstances
•    Lost or stolen luggage, personal items, money, or jewelry

It is also possible to purchase travel insurance options that would pay an accidental death benefit to your family in the unfortunate event that you pass away while on vacation.  This can help offset additional expenses your family experiences.  Similarly, you may also choose to set up permanent disability insurance for financial coverage in case you become disabled while on vacation.  Such unsavory occurrences are very rare, but many travelers feel the coverage is worth the expense.

For many older travelers, there is another important consideration to take into account, relating to your health.  If you are under the regular care of a doctor, be sure you ask your holiday insurance provider about travel insurance pre existing medical conditions.  If you are under regular medical care for a particular condition, or take prescription medications, it’s important for you to disclose these issues at the time you establish your travel insurance policy.  Your premium will likely be higher than otherwise, but it’s important to be open and forthcoming when talking about your pre-existing medical difficulties.  Leaving anything out could result in a voided policy if you have to file a claim.

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