Truly Unique Gift Baskets

If you do a Google search for the term “gift baskets” you will immediately be overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies and baskets out there. Which one should you choose? Which ones can you trust to deliver quality products? Which ones put in the effort to make a truly unique gift basket? And what is a unique gift basket anyway?

Unique gift baskets, at their very purest, are gift baskets you cannot get anywhere else. So, for example, a breakfast gift basket from Wolferman’s with their famous English muffins, is unique. By broadening the definition of unique, however, to include “incomparable” and “unparalleled,” we can include the baskets that are unique in the sense that they go above and beyond other baskets.

Everyday gift baskets, the ones that are not all that special, the ones that people quickly throw together for sheer profit, are everywhere. Usual indicators include a stuffed teddy bear, some “special” (but actually not at all special) cookies, fake flowers, and some lame inspirational quotes book that you can pick up at the dollar store. If you’re giving a gift to someone, you probably don’t want to give them just anything, otherwise it’s not even worth sending them a gift.

If you want a truly unique gift basket, you will either have to shell out the dough or make your own basket. Making your own basket can be easier than you think, and easier than buying one online. If you choose that option, for example, instead of sifting through sympathy gift basket reviews and receiving a gift that is disappointing, you will be able to give a higher quality and more personal gift to your recipient. If you don’t believe you are creative enough to undertake a project like this, just remember that ideas for gift baskets are everywhere. Take five minutes to brainstorm, writing down everything you know about the other person and you relationship with him or her and you will find the ideas just spilling out of your head.

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