Charming Turquoise For Your Feet

Turquoise has an inviting and luminous character, and brings to mind tropical images and soothes the mind with its serene hues. The color Turquoise is all about tranquility and hushing away everyday concerns. It has been treasured by ancient civilizations as a protective charm.  Turquoise is also the color of compassion, healing, truth, and faith. The soothing hues of this color are bound to lighten your mood, turquoise also blends well with fashion and interior design because of its flattering qualities. With its universal appeal, turquoise makes pairing it with other shades effortless and even rather fun. Turquoise has found its way into home décor, jewelry, paints, furniture, home accessories, athletic apparel, nail polish, even eye shadow, womens shoes, and clothing lines. Whether it be fine silk or sensible cotton, turquoise makes a vibrant statement that is both elegant and fun to have in your collection. Turquoise is an excellent accent color for jewelry, purses, hair accessories, ties, shirts, sportswear and those all-important shoes. If you are very partial to shoes, you will find that nearly all your favorite designers carry this color in their respective design lines.

Having been Pantone’s color of the year just last year, turquoise shoes definitely will not be hard to find. Jazz up your shoe collection with at least two pairs of turquoise shoes in different hues. Pick out a couple of flats, sandals, pumps, sneakers, and stilettos. Turquoise shoes can perk up your neutral-colored clothing pieces. For example, browns are less dull with a neat pair of turquoise shoes, they will have the same effect with black suits and white frocks. Your turquoise wedge shoes will also go well with red and pink getups too. Get that classic breezy look by taking out your turquoise shoes with clothes in any shade of blue.

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