Two Important Reasons To Prune

Most people who have gardens and who take care of their gardens are aware of the importance of pruning. Trimming hedges with a garden groom pro and pruning trees may take different types of tools, but in essence, they kind of do the same thing. They maintain the health of the plant or tree, they keep it looking nice and gets rid of any dead or unsightly pieces of the hedges or trees. There are however, some other important reasons to prune your trees that actually have nothing to do with the health of the tree or the the beauty of the tree and I will share two of them with you.

One of them is a basic need to protect people that are on your property. There are different scenarios that can happen with trees that have dead branches or unsightly leaves and other stuff that accumulates on trees. Lets say for example that you own an inflatable hot tub that you have installed on your property on your backyard. If someone is using the hot tub for a nice relaxing soak and it happens to be under a tree and a piece of dead tree breaks off then you can not only  be liable, but the person in the hot tub can get killed. So it is a possibly a life saving act that you are doing by pruning your trees.

Another thing that you are doing by pruning is protecting your property and the property of your neighbors. We had a situation in our home where we had a tree with lots of dead branches and in a very heavy storm one of the limbs came down and ruined my neighbors shed. This may not have caused us money out of pocket but, my insurance company paid for it and caused us problems with our insurance policy. Os it is a very good idea safety wise and property wise to keep your trees well pruned in your backyard and garden.

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