Aim Better With Bow Sights

It is possible to shoot a compound bow without a bow sight and it is even possible to shoot it accurately without one, but it is far more difficult. Adding a bow sight to your compound bow provides you with an accurate aiming device. Without them you will be merely guessing where to point the arrow. It will mean the difference between hitting the target or bagging your game. Every archer should have a basic understanding of the different types of bow sights available.

There are a few different choices of makes and models available. Below we will take a brief look at three types of bow sights.

A fixed-pin bow sight is the type that most shooters use. It usually consists of three, four or five sighting pins. These pins allow you to set various distances when you aim. The top pin is set at the closest distance and the bottom pin is for longer distances. It is up to the individual shooter what increments are used between each pin but most go for either 5 or 10 yard increments. When the pins are set they are fixed to that position from one shot to the next.

The moveable-pin bow sight is different in that it usually consists of just a single sighting pin. The pin may be adjusted before each shot depending on where the target is. The pin may be easily adjusted by levers or small knobs that move the indicator up or down. The success a shooter has with a moveable-pin sight is dependent on their ability to judge distances accurately. Hunters might find this to be an annoying extra step before taking their shot. A target shooter, however, will find this type of bow sight to be most suitable because the target will not be moving from one shot to the next. The advantage of the moveable-pin sight over the fixed-pin is the ability to adjust the sight to any distance at all, not just those 3 to 5 pre-determined points.

The third type of bow sight is the pendulum sights. These bow sights have been designed for the shooter firing from an elevated position. The sight works by compensating for the downward angle of the bow as it is fired. When the bow is tipped forward the sighting pin moves on a hinge so that the change in angle is compensated for.

No matter what type of archery you pursue your performance can be improved with the use of an accurate bow sight. Some reputable brands to consider include Copper John bow sights and HHA Sports bow sights.

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