Types Of Cheap Kiddie Pools

If you are looking to buy your kids their own pool, then there are wide varieties of cheap kiddie pools or wading swimming pools that you can choose from. These pools are mostly inflatable but they are durable as well. If you want to enjoy and have fun with your kids as well, inflatable family pools are also available. Let us take a look at some cheap inflatable pools for your kids and the entire family.

1. Play and Learn Baby Pool – This is a 36” x 36” x 26” Inflatable wading pool for babies. It comes in colorful graphic prints all around the pool and inflatable toys. It is also has a soft inflatable floor and it comes with 4 detachable rings. Its price is very cheap at only $10.65.

2. Mushroom Baby Pool – This is another 40” x 35 colorful baby wading pool with soft waffled textured inflatable floor. It also has colorful prints all around the sides to enhance your baby’s imagination and eyesight. It to keep them cool on hot summer days. The floor is very comfortable due to the inflatable waffle texture. It comes with a mushroom sun shade and colorful mushroom toys and butterflies. It can be filled with up to 13 gallons of water and it is priced at only $12.42.

3. 3 Ring Kiddie Pool – This shallow pool is for kids 2 years and older. It comes in 3 ring colorful design with soft inflatable floor. The 38” x 10” 3 ring pool can hold 28 gallons of water and is priced at only $4.75 while the 58” x 13” can hold up to 89 gallons and is priced at only $9.67.

4. Intex Swim Center Lounge Pool – This is a 90” x 90” x 26’ inflatable family pool with 4 built in seats with back rests. It also has 2 drink holders and can accommodate up to 202 gallons of water. It is priced at more or less than $50.

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