The Ultimate Brown Leather Briefcase

A men’s leather briefcase is a wonderful bag to own, whether it is for work or just play. We are not talking about the old school 20th century square briefcases you saw in lawyer films either. The modern leather briefcase has sleeker lines to produce a stylish design. But not all leather briefcases can be considered equal. In this article, we profile a unique brown leather briefcase that is the ultimate in durability, styling, and overall satisfaction.

We are of course referring to the Saddleback Chestnut Leather Briefcase. This is not the “thin” version, though that is a great option as well. This leather briefcase has a more rugged design yet still has a sophisticated and modern look. In terms of durability, it is unmatched. It is constructed of thick, full grain pigskin leather – even the smallest sized version of the bag is just under seven pounds, making it heavier than most other leather briefcases. Additionally, it is completely handmade with unbreakable parts – this is quite rare in today’s world. Because of the fine craftsmanship, this specific leather briefcase can pretty much last for years with the proper maintenance and conditioning.

While it has features that you would typically see with other leather briefcases, there are a few other things that stand out:

  • Available in 3 different sizes – the 2 larger sizes can hold quite a bit, more than most other leather briefcases available.
  • Converts into a backpack – this is pretty unique. With the included shoulder strap this briefcase can also serve as a leather messenger bag or leather backpack.
  • Newspaper pocket – not totally unique, but very cool.
  • Warranty – Saddleback has a 100 year warranty. They can obviously stand by this because of the high quality materials and construction.

Of course, for a leather briefcase this nice, you expect to pay a premium – add the fact that these are handmade and you are looking at a price above $500. Definitely not a budget bag, but considering it will last you longer than five $100 – $200 briefcases, a better long term option. The one notable drawback is that you cannot test these in a store first as they are privately made.

Overall, we are confident you will love this bag and not regret a purchase. This is an excellent option and why we call it the Ultimate Brown Leather Briefcase!

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