How To Clean Your Under Bed Storage Drawers

As space crunch is a common problem in many homes, many people have found out the benefits and utility of under bed storage drawers. These drawers can store many things and give you a neat and tidy home. The things stored in these drawers are protected from dust and germs. However, there are always tiny spaces left through which insects can find their way to these things. So it is very important to clean your drawers. If you are a busy person juggling between your home and office, and don’t have the time to clean on a frequent basis, make sure to at least clean after every three months.

Some Methods to Clean Your Under Bed Storage Drawers

Let’s start with plastic drawers. There are many varieties of plastic drawers available like boxes with lids, clear zip lock plastic, plastic boxes with wheels, etc. These drawers are light-weight and very easily accessible, making it a number 1 choice for many people. They are very easy to clean. You just have to wipe these drawers and the dust will vanish. If you are cleaning them after a long time, you can add some detergent to water, rub this on you drawer and then wipe with a clean cloth. Your drawers will look as good as new.  These boxes are easily washable, sturdy and long-lasting.

Wooden drawers can be a bit time consuming to clean, but you can make it fun to clean them. Allot one day especially to clean your drawers. You can make three different boxes. Keep the things that you want in the “store” box. Keep the things that you want to throw in “thrash” box and keep the things which you don’t want but are too good to be thrown in “donate” box.

There are many things in the drawers which are just kept in the hope of that they will be used someday (especially clothes). If you have not used them in the last year even for once, the chances are you will never use them, so allot them in appropriate box. Once you have sorted out all your things in this way, you can dust your drawers with a vacuum cleaner. That won’t take much time (but sorting out things will!).

Once you have vacuumed your drawers, put some insect and bug repellant solution to prevent insects. Then take the box which has “store” written on it and keep the things in an organized way in the drawers. Do not toss them or you will not find things inside easily and the whole purpose of cleaning the drawers will be wasted. The box which has “thrash” written, you can just throw that into your garbage bin and the third box meant for donating, donate it to NGO’s and charitable trusts.

The clean and organized drawers will make you happy. It helps you to de-clutter your mind too. You surely need to experience it. If you want to try it, start your spring cleaning of under bed storage drawers and feel the difference.

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