Secured Guaranteed Credit Cards

According to Benjamin Graham, who is a professional investor and an American economist, making an investment should include a thorough analysis if it will yield an adequate return and if there is safety in principal. This is a business principle that most, if not all, companies who are involved in investing embraced to ensure soundness of their business decision.

Credit card companies are no exception that is why they don’t just give anybody whatever they ask for without enough inquiry. Your credit worthiness is weighed through your credit score and credit history. In this way, they would be able to tell if you are a good investment. You can’t blame financial institutions for this rigid method because there are a lot of people who were not able to make payments.

In the case of someone who has bad or no credit, getting an unsecured credit card for bad credit is nearly impossible. You just have no way of proving your worthiness to the bank and these are one of the things that a heartfelt promise and a solemn vow could not achieve for you. It’s a good thing that secured credit cards have been made available.

You would need to make an initial deposit upon opening an account. This deposit will be the basis of your credit limit. So that you will not have a difficult time, look for banks that offer secured credit cards with guaranteed approval. The banks have no reason to decline you because you were able to minimize their risk and allowed them safety of principal because you were able to make a deposit prior to getting a card.

You may have been approved for bank loans for people with bad credit in the past but you have to bear in the mind that applying for credit cards is a different thing.

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