How to Upgrade Apple Computer Memory

It used to matter that you bought specific RAM for your Apple computer, but now that all has changed since all Apple computers now run on Intel processors for the past few years. Mac RAM is the exact same as PC RAM for the most part, save for a few exceptions to this rule.

The trickier part is not so much what RAM you need to buy, but what kind of memory, how much and also price being the last component when buying Apple memory.

It’s my opinion that every Apple computer ships with too little memory installed at default to run at maximum performance, and that’s a shame because for very little cost you can max out the memory on your Apple computer for less than what it would cost for a dinner and a movie in most cases.

Maxing out the memory of your Apple Computer, regardless of model or even year, offers a few benefits including the biggest and best – a faster Apple computer. There’s other benefits such as being able to run memory intense programs, such as image editing software or video editing suites, or just to keep more programs open at the same time. But the best reason to upgrade Mac memory is simply that your Apple computer will run faster and for most of us, time is money.

The other nice thing about a memory upgrade is that for Apple Computers, and most PC’s for that matter, it really is not that difficult to upgrade memory yourself using nothing more than common household tools. The trickiest part is to be aware of static electricity when handling your memory upgrade as static and memory don’t mix.

Lastly, you can save money on RAM by buying generic memory over name brand RAM, and as long as you buy RAM from a reputable memory store, you can rest assured that the cheaper RAM will run just fine and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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