Uses Of Used Sandblast Equipment

For people who own cleaning companies or construction companies, used sandblast equipment can be a vital part of their business activities. Sandblasting equipment can be employed to perform simple cleaning tasks, such as removing oil stains from pavement, or it can be used for complicated jobs, such as cleaning the metal of large outdoor sculptures. Sandblasting equipment can often remove debris that may not be removed by other means. Nevertheless, new sandblasting equipment can be extremely expensive. People who would like to own sandblasting equipment should consider purchasing used sandblast equipment.

Campbell Hausfeld AT1251 30-Pound Capacity Sandblaster

Used equipment can provide the same functionality as new equipment. Yet, the price of used sandblast equipment is much less. The sandblasting process uses small particulates to clean or strip outer dirt and grime from a designated surface. The particles are propelled by air that is ejected from the sandblasting equipment. At one time, sandblasting equipment propelled sand. Nowadays, the use of sand is less common due to the lung problems that can be caused by breathing tiny particles of sand. Aluminum oxide particulates, steel particles or crushed walnut shells are now frequently used as abrasives. Some people even use tiny pieces of coconut shells for sandblasting. Sandblasting equipment includes a special container, which is called a “pot.” The pot contains and discharges the abrasives that are used to sandblast.

There are two kinds of pots utilized in sandblast equipment. The first type is a pressurized pot. The second kind of pot is a siphon system pot, which allows sand to be siphoned through a hose before being blasted out of the equipment. Both types of pots require air compression to work properly. New or used sandblast equipment may be used to clean metal, People who choose to restore old cars may use a sandblaster to strip away rust and other debris before a vehicle is repainted. Used sandblast equipment can even remove varnish from wood.

Used sandblast equipment is not only cost-effective due to its reduced price. Used sandblast equipment lowers labor costs. The amount of time needed to prepare residential or commercial structures for painting is much less with sandblasting. People who choose to scrape or sand a building will spend long hours completing the task. Sandblasters can even be used to prepare newly coated surfaces for a final coat. Slippery coatings, such as polyurethane, may require sanding between coats. The amount money spent to sandblast a home, building or piece of machinery will depend on the amount of sandblasting required. Small sandblasting jobs will not require as much time or expense as large jobs. If a person decides to hire a sandblasting company instead of purchasing used sandblast equipment, he can expect to pay about $55 per hour for labor. The labor for special services that require special abrasives or include an unusual amount of preparation can cost about $75 per hour. In addition, the materials needed for sandblasting are not free. People who use the services of a sandblasting company can still expect to pay approximately $50 for a 50-pound bag of sandblasting particles.

Small jobs usually require only one bag of abrasives. However, large jobs can require several bags. Used sandblast equipment can remove oxidation debris from metal, strip away chemical residue or clear mold from surfaces just as well as new sandblast equipment can. It can even add texture to a surface or roughen a surface for future coatings of paint. However, the price of used sandblast equipment is usually much less than that of new equipment. Like new sandblast equipment, used equipment is often designed to operate nonstop for a designated period. After the period has elapsed, the sandblasting operation ceases. The auto-stop feature helps ensure that the equipment is operated safely.

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