Used Volkswagen Passat: The History You Should Know About

Volkswagen Passat is one of the renowned names, which has been manufacturing large cars for more than 27 years. This brand has very well made its mark as a best brand by delivering a real good product. Right from the day of launching the first car to date, the Volkswagen group has released more than 6 models by incorporating all the new features in them. The first model was called the Passat MK1. The designer Giorgetto Giugiaro takes all the credit of this car’s design. Here are some of the features of the first model. The engine was of 1.6L 14. There was even a front engine layout along with front wheel drive.

The Sedan was the tough competitor to Volkswagen Passats in those days. Gradually, the increasing competition and demand for new features gave rise to the new revised versions. Now came the turn of Passat MK2. This particular car had much more contrasting features over its older generation. The engine of this model had relatively more capacity, which was around 2.2L and 4speed and 5speed manual. The interesting fact is that these cars were called in different names in different places. It was known as Corsar. In North America it was called as Quantum. And in Brazil it was called Santana.

Next generation of Volkswagen group was named as MK3, this had an engine of capacity 2.8l which is called as GLX and GLS models. The speed of this model was upto 224 kilometers per hour. This was launched in the year of 1991. After this next model was named as MK4 which again had its own distinguishing feature. Next generation was called MK4, which was followed by MK5, then came the turn of MK6. Thus new revised versions could really enhance the popularity of Volkswagen Passat and till today it is one of the famous car maker.

Learn more about the used Volkswagen Passat and the latest in town; the Volkswagen Passat MK6.

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