Using a Coring Yard Aerator?

A coring yard aerator performs a more satisfactory job of aerating your lawn as compared to some other types. This is particularly essential when your lawn is struggling with the troubles related to compacted and tough soil. You do not need to make use of an aerator that would not go deeply within the ground. This helps to supply the needs of the grass to remain healthy and green.

There is absolutely no space for grass roots to develop into the ground if the soil of the lawn is very dense. They develop towards the sides and make an interconnected layer of grass roots close to the surface. All of these roots are fighting for similar oxygen, water and nutrients. These may be seen, where the roots are, on the surface of the topsoil. It is quite difficult to maintain them in any way. The roots are unhealthy and short which results in the grass becoming dry. This usually happens when the weather is hot and dry. This permits weeds to easily come out and fight with grass.

A coring yard aerator makes holes into the ground to treat these problems. This makes the soil softer and less dense. They eliminate 2-3 inches long of soil plugs. This is done by pressing down the aerator into the soil, taking in dirt and removing it out. The holes left reveal the roots and make it easy for water, fertilizer and other nutrients to be absorbed. Also, the roots may develop along the spaces and deeper into the ground for the soil is now loose.

A lawn aerator is an essential tool which may be used by homeowners. This must be a part of your lawn care regimen for every year or as needed to maintain the look of your lawn. Not only that, it also helps to cut down costs.

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