Roof Ladder -Things To Remember

Having to do a job on the roof may be challenging. Still, at one time or another, many men have to getup there to clean the gutter or do some repainting. When these times arise, you will be faced with a dangerous task at hand. Getting a roof ladder is the first step but this alone won’t ensure your safety at all. There are other things you should remember.

First, be sure you are fit for the job. People who have fear of heights shouldn’t push themselves into climbing up the roof. The same is true with those with heart problems and other health issues. Weight is another factor to look into. The fact is there is a specific limit as to the amount of weight different ladders can bear. Know the limit of your ladder and stick to it.

Second, have all the equipment you need. Though it would mean a little more cost on your part, it will be very much worthwhile in ensuring your safety. Things such as a safety harness, rubber pads, a tool belt are a few of the safety gadgets you should get for use when climbing your ladder.

Third, know how to use the ladder. This includes following the basics when grounding your ladder and being able to make use of the safety features it has.

Fourth, be careful. This is very important. Never rush up or down a ladder but make sure you take one step at a time. This will help you avoid accidents.

Fifth, have a partner. Don’t do roof jobs on your own but have somebody assist you on the ground.

These are five of the many things you ought to keep in mind when using a roof ladder. Though there is really nothing that can completely ensure your safety, you will be lessening the probability of such accidents from happening a lot.

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