Using Electrostatic Air Filters

Dangers are just in the corner ready to engulf us. For the past years, air contaminants ahave been eminent problems that need to be addressed the soonest possible time because the likelihood of getting unwanted health risks is very high. This dilemma led to the creation of air purifiers, also called air cleaners, over time. They not only counter the effects of contamination or pollution, but they also help us achieve a better and healthier life. Air cleaners are our friendly companion through the journey of having a cleaner, more breathable air every day, so it is crucial to purchase one for your home, your work place and your cars. Factors to consider when buying one will include the specific type of contaminant to eliminate and the type of purifying techniques that work for better contaminant elimination, as well as product reviews.

There are four types of purifying techniques in the market; each type is effective on specific contaminant elimination. It is very important to know these because it will help you decide what type to purchase that is based on your concern or needs. These techniques include HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filters, Ozone generators, Germicidal UV lamps, and Ionizers that can be installed on any HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units. HEPA filters are noted for their 99% delivery of the cleanest air possible. It is recommended by all industries because it captures 0.3 microns and larger. The next type is the ozone generator that uses ozone as a natural way of cleaning the environment, especially foul odors such as paints, smoke, smog and other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Germicidal UV lamps, on the other hand, use ultraviolet lights to expose and kill bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms present in the air. The last notable purifying technique are ionizers that are effective on destroying contaminants such as pollens, dusts, pet dander and other contaminants up to 95%.

Ionizers which are also called electrostatic air filters use electrically charged plates that release negative ions in the air. These negative ions will then bond to positive ions in the air such as dusts, pet dander, pollens and many other contaminants that will cause bonded ions to be heavier in the air resulting to its settling on the nearest materials in the room like floors and dusts. Residues can then be easilycleaned by frequent dusting or vacuum to prevent these contaminants from returning to the air. The only disadvantage of this air filter is its frequent replacement since dusts, pollens and other contaminants will eventually result to clogging. Clogging will lead to system malfunction and failure so to prevent this, filters should be replaced. You can choose to either buy a disposable air filter or permanent air filters. Permanent air filters can be washed by water or soap. Disposable air filters are costly.

If you are still uncertain, you can always see product reviews for further reference. Indeed electrostatic air filters are the way to go. You should have on of these air filters in your household for better air cleaning performance.

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