Light Up Your Path With Solar Driveway Lights

It’s hard to drive your car in a dark driveway. You can answer that problem by buying driveway lights, or better yet, be more eco-friendly with solar driveway lights.  These green energy lights are extremely efficient economically as they generally run entirely on solar power.

HomeBrite Solar Lights- These are made of plastic and comes in sets of six enough to keep your driveway lighted all throughout the night. It automatically turns on at dusk and turns off and recharges in the dawn. All you have to do is find a nice spot for these lights and leave them at that. It’s sold at Home Depot for $34.99.

Solar eClips Light String- These are really pretty when installed in the driveway. Each of the strings are lighted with 14 LED lights and have stakes so that it can be easily staked on the ground. It runs up to 8 hours and automatically turns on and off. It’s sold at for $69.99.

Uniqe Arts Solar Driveway Markers-. It’s made from stainless steel posts that stand up to 32 inches high. It can run up to 10 hours and are perfect for those who have poor eyesight. It can also be used in bad weather conditions like heavy rain and snow. These are sold individually for $69.95 at

Unique Arts Lamp Post- Feeling nostalgic? Then this 7-foot lamp post is what you should put in your driveway. It provides bright and clear lighting with 8 LED lights contained inside. It can run up to 10 hours. You can choose from single, double or triple lamp post which costs $219.95, $299.95 and $379.95. All styles can be found at

What’s good about solar driveway lights is that you will never have a problem with locating your driveway. The best part is that you are being eco-friendly and you also get to save up on electricity bills.

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